Madison Caribbean Adventures – Barbados

I decided that we’re going to do a mini series of my Caribbean trip. As many of you know, I recently took a trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. One of the places that I visited before heading to St. Vincent was Barbados. I got to spend an entire day in Barbados and loved it. The singer Rhianna is from that beautiful island and I think that I am going to visit once again. Now you may also know that I live in Colorado and it took us through 2 time zones to get there. I left on a cold and wintery morning on a Jet Blue flight and when I arrived it was warm and it was paradise. I want to share some of the photos that I took while I was there.

Looking at the island from above was a sight to behold. Lots of green and no white. Where was the snow? Well mommy said that there is no snow in the Caribbean. I can totally live here!

We landed at the Grantley Adams International Airport and it was great taking my sweater off and not having to be bundled up anymore. I also had a lot of fun at the airport while waiting for our taxi to arrive before we went to mommy’s friend house for the night.

That afternoon mommy decided that I was going to visit the beach. It was my very first time being on an actual beach and I have to tell you that it was amazing! The sand felt nice under my feet and while I was afraid to actually go into the water, I loved watching the waves.

When I finally left Barbados I decided to visit the gift shop and I’m happy I did because mommy decided to get me 2 books, which I plan on highlighting on my Toddler Book Talk Tuesday next week. You know how much I love books and I even decided to read one of them while waiting for my flight to St. Vincent.

I love the Caribbean islands and I can’t wait to visit again. Next stop, St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

So tell me what Caribbean island have you visited and if you’ve never visited would you love to?

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