4 Fun Ways to Bond with the Teens in Your Life

With these ways to bond with the teens in your life, you can spend more quality time with your kids as they grow.

Adolescence is a tricky time, both for teens and for anyone who happens to be around them! While the teenagers in your life may be more inclined to spend their time hanging out with friends, there are ways to can you tempt them to dedicate a little more time to family life. With these fun ways to bond with the teens in your life, you can spend more quality time with your kids as they grow and even enjoy yourself in the process…


No teen will turn down the chance to see their favorite band or singer in concert, even if it means going with Mom or Dad. Sure, they’ll badger you to let them go with friends instead, but, if you’re paying for the tickets, you get the final say on the guest list. While Alt Rock, RnB, or Pop may not be your genre, the chance to have fun and enjoy a new environment with your teen makes it the perfect way to bond.


A regular family night might sound like a drag to most teens but, chances are, they’ll enjoy it more than they let on. The lure of laying games, watching a movie, and ordering takeout is sure to get them to emerge from their room at some point. With tees to your door, you can even turn it into an occasion and choose family-friendly slogan shirts to amp up the fun. If a competitive streak runs in your family, a games tournament could be the ultimate way to bond with your teens.


For their entire lives, they’ve been the student and you, as the parent, have been the teacher, so why not mix things up a little? Ask your teen to set aside some time to teach you something. Whether it’s how to set up your wireless router, how to play scales on the piano, or how to skate, the role-reversal will allow you to get to know each other in a whole new way.  


As your child transitions from a tween to a teen, their tastes and interests will change. If their bedroom is a little too immature for them now, offer to redecorate it. Of course, they’ll need to help with the prep, decorating, and clean-up if they want to enjoy a brand-new room. Although redecorating can be hard work, it’s also a fun and engaging way to spend time together.

Get to Know Your Teen

If your cheerful and energetic child has transformed into a silent, preoccupied teen, it can be tricky to find the right ways to break through the barrier and get them to open up. However, accepting that your teen is growing up and listening to their views, opinions and concerns will help to show just how much you value their input. While you’ll still get the inevitable eye-rolls and door slamming, you’ll have many more moments that are filled with fun and laughter.

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