How to Prepare for Hosting Christmas Dinner

You are cordially invited to Christmas dinner … at your own place! Eeek this is the first time you are hosting Christmas dinner and you are so stressed out and have no idea where to begin. Take a moment to breath; we are here to save the day. Today we want to share with you some tips on how you can prepare for hosting Christmas dinner, without stressing out!

The first step of preparation is to determine if you are having a sit down or stand up event for Christmas dinner. We shall assume that your Christmas dinner is going to be a sit down meal between friends and family. A traditional sit down Christmas dinner helps to bring the guests together easier for food and conversations. Now that you have determined you will have sit down dinner, how will you get the rest of your Christmas dinner organized?

Determine who your guests will be, sure you want to invite the whole family, your friends and extended family members, but be realistic in the amount of space you have to host Christmas dinner. Prepare a list of guests that include who you must have there on Christmas day. Add people as you can to that list, but remaining conscious of the allotted space for your sit down Christmas dinner event. Now that your guest list is prepared, what food will you serve to your guests on Christmas?

Thinking about the food selection is important; remember you have to take into consideration everyone’s palette. This means Uncle Tom may be allergic to fish and Aunt Pam can’t stand the smell of peas. Whatever each person has for a concern regarding food, pay attention and be aware when planning the food portion of Christmas dinner.  If you must serve food that some guests truly can’t be around or tolerate, try to make sure they aren’t seated near that food at the dinner table.

The stand up or sit down Christmas dinner is checked off, the guest list is ready and your food ideas are prepared for making when the Christmas dinner day gets closer. What are some ways you can prepare now for hosting Christmas dinner as a means to ensure you have time to mingle while cooking up the goods?

While you can find the recipes you desire to cook up for Christmas dinner, there are many food options that you can research online to make ahead and freeze. Think about the desserts that you could bake now, and freeze for up to three months before Christmas dinner arrives? There are many food options that will survive in the freezer for around three months. Think about desserts, pasta dishes, vegetable platters and such; all of which are fantastic prepare ahead ideas that you can freeze to have ready for Christmas dinner ahead of time.

The key to prepare for hosting Christmas dinner is to be proactive to ensure not only the guests are happy, but that you will be happy entertaining guests on this fine annual holiday.

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