10 Creative Uses for Twinkle Lights in Your Home

Christmastime is that time of year when it seems that just about everyone pulls out a string of twinkle lights or two to make their home a little more festive. But twinkle lights need not be hidden away in a box for 11 months out of the year; you can put them to a variety of fun uses throughout the year as well. Here are 10 great decorative uses for twinkle lights in your home.

Lighting the Christmas tree

The most obvious one is first, of course—twinkle lights look stunning when woven through the branches of an elegant Christmas tree. Because twinkle lights typically do not get very hot, they are safe for use even on real Christmas trees.

Child’s room night light

Twinkle lights seem to have a youthful aura about them, making them the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. Since many children do not like going to sleep with the room completely dark, twinkle lights are a fun way to make a bedroom feel more secure at night.

Window accent

Twinkle lights make for a beautiful window accent at night when the sun is no longer around to offer rich, natural light. You can hang a single string of twinkle lights across the middle of your window for a small touch of light, or hang several short strands from the curtain rod for a blanket-like look against the window. Twinkle lights look absolutely magical when paired with sheer curtains, so for the best results, try accenting a bedroom window that is fitted with a sheer curtain—especially perfect for a little girl’s room.

Dreamy headboard

On a similar note, you can try pairing your twinkle lights with a sheer curtain for a magical and one-of-a-kind headboard. One added bonus here is that if you place your plug just right, your headboard can double as a convenient reading light that you can turn on and off.

Mirror border

Twinkle lights look especially stunning when strung around a mirror because of the way in which the individual light beams reflect off of the mirror. Plus, as an added bonus, the twinkle lights will provide some flattering light as you use your mirror to get ready before heading out the door.

Photo display

Want a creative way to display printed photos somewhere in your home? Try hanging several strands of twinkle lights—across a wall, between windows, etc.—and artfully clipping photos to the light display throughout. The light will draw attention to your photos but won’t be so bright that they detract from photo visibility.

Light word wall art

Want to spell out a powerful word on your wall, as as love, faith, or joy? It’s actually possible with twinkle lights. Use small tacks to position the lights against the wall, and use some creativity to connect your letters (much like you would when writing the word with a sparkler.) It helps if you measure, level, and lightly trace the word on the wall in pencil first.

Light filled jars

Want a some creative, decorative jars to accent a side table or entry way table? Try filling a few jars with twinkle lights for an interesting take on the traditional table lamp. A few jars of varying sizes will look purposeful and elegant.

Starry night sky installation

Want to create something really stunning in a bedroom? Consider creating a starry night sky installation on your ceiling using twinkle lights. Opt for strands that are just long enough to span the width of the ceiling without drooping too much, and aim to hide the cord running to the floor creatively using curtains or tall furniture pieces to disguise. It’s an ambitious project to be sure, and it might be one that sees only temporary installation, but the result is sure to be awe inspiring. (For a Harry Potter themed party, perhaps?)

Backyard landscaping

Twinkle lights when added to an arbor, gazebo, pergola, or fencing help create the perfect ambiance in any backyard made for entertaining. Just make sure you use lights that are made for the outdoors before you make them a part of your landscaping!

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