Holiday Inn Express Coralville, Iowa – Road Trip With Madison Part 2

I promised that I would
share some more of my adventures from my road trip. For those who are reading
this for the first time, mommy and I along with my siblings, recently decided
to take a road trip from Colorado to Canada.  We highlighted a few of what
we saw in Road Trip with Madison Part 1. The trip in itself was 22 hours, but that was if
mommy decided to drive without stopping. With a toddler in the backseat there
was no way she was not going to stop. I wasn’t going to let her do that. On our
way back to Colorado we experienced such a bad snow storm that we had to stop.
We decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Coralville, Iowa, and we had
such a great experience at the Holiday Inn Express that I just have to share it
with you. 

One of the things that
mommy looks for in a hotel when traveling with kids is that there is a free
continental breakfast. With kids who are always hungry in the morning it is a top priority. The check in process was very easy
and not having a reservation before hand, mommy was pleasantly surprised that
there were still lots of room available. When I got to my room the first thing
I did was jump on the bed. I just love jumping on hotel beds, well any bed to be honest! Don’t you? That
didn’t last long because after traveling for almost 12 hours I was so tired that I
fell fast asleep, with no warning what-so-ever. Mommy on the other hand stayed up for a bit, surfed the Internet
and called everyone letting them know that we made it safe to Iowa. If you
happen to have your laptop with you, they also offer free complimentary Internet
as well. 

Upon waking the next
morning before checking out, mommy and my siblings and me of course decided to
go down to the breakfast bar to have breakfast. I have to say that the Holiday
Inn Express has one of the best continental breakfasts that I have yet to
experience. It is actually called Express Start but there was nothing express
about it at all. On our way to Canada we spent the night at Best Western and
while our stay there was nice, their breakfast was mediocre to say the

Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day and the Holiday Inn Express made sure that we were
happy. There was everything there that is needed for the perfect breakfast.
There were eggs, pancakes, waffles, cereal, muffins, cinnamon rolls, fruit,
yogurt, orange juice, and apple juice, just to name a few. According to the
Holiday Inn Express, they boast that they have over 150 items available just
for breakfast. To be honest I didn’t see that much but they did have a

Check out was very easy.
Since mommy had pre-paid for her room all it took was placing her keycard in
the slot. Mommy insisted on getting a receipt for her travel. Mommy likes to
know that whatever charges on her AMEX matches what she paid for. Smart mommy!
Since it was the Christmas holidays, the Holiday Inn Express decorated their
lounge making it warm and inviting for their guests. Don’t you just love their
Christmas tree? 

Amenities such as flat
screen TV, great comfy beds, microwave and refrigerator and also your coffee
maker in your room, you won’t want to leave. With friendly staff, great service
and an excellent continental breakfast mommy and I recommend that the next time
you’re taking a trip through Iowa; if you happen to stop at Coralville, stop at
the Holiday InnExpress at Coralville, Iowa. You would love it as much as mommy and I did.
Well as much as my siblings did as well too. 

The Holiday Inn Express in Coralville, Iowa gets my TWO TINY
THUMBS UP! Now this isn’t a sponsored post. I wasn’t paid to write this at all.
I just wanted to share my experience at this hotel that I came to love. 

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