It’s All About the Accessories – #PoiseLinerLove

As you all know, I’m no fashion blogger. Although I consider myself knowledgeable as to what’s in fashion, after all I’m from a city known for it’s fashion, New York City, you can still find me in my favorite outfit on a daily basis, which consists of a tee and sweats. Now, while you may have noticed that my posts claims it’s all about the accessories, today I want to share with you something much more than that. I want to talk about my Poise Microliners which I always accessorize with.

I have done quite a few posts about LBL aka Light Bladder Leakage and it’s no taboo. Most females suffer from it and you don’t have to have kids like I do to suffer with LBL either. It can happen to you at any time and at any age. Sure you may be more susceptible to LBL after having kids, but just realize that you don’t have to have kids for it to happen. I remember when I first experienced LBL. I was in the army and doing our regular PT (Physical Training in military lingo) and we were doing a 5 mile run. Trust me when I say that it didn’t end up well after my run. I was lucky enough to speak to my army doc at the time who explained it all to me and what was going on.

So what exactly is LBL? Well have you ever laughed, coughed, sneezed or even jogged and noticed that you “leaked” a little? Or how about you’re in a rush to get to the bathroom and you’re doing that potty dance and you just can’t make it in time because there’s either a line at the bathroom or maybe you’re at home and there’s a little someone in the bathroom who refuses to let you in because she’s brushing her teeth? Yes it can happen! While there are things that you can do at home to help you, such as Kegel exercises or even cutting back on the amount of caffeine you consume daily, Poise Microliners are also there to your rescue.

You don’t need to run out and buy those super thick pads like you’re seeing your period or even those heavy duty liners either. Poise Microliners may be thin, but they protect you like no other! Trust me! I’ve been using them for a few years now. You may remember my story about using another brand of liner that was so super sticky that I couldn’t even get them off. Since that day I switched to Poise I’ve never looked back! Not only do they keep me clean and dry, but when I use them, I know that I’ll come home odor-free. The worst thing is that smell from leaking, and you don’t want that!

Whenever I get dressed to go out, sure I have my accessories on but my main accessory is always my Poise Microliners. I never go anywhere without them. I make sure that I not only have one on, but I also have one or even two in my bag because you just never know! So don’t let LBL stop you from having fun, go out, enjoy yourself and have Poise Microliners on hand. Do you know where I get mine? I pick mine right up at Walmart and it’s so convenient because I can pick up my supply of liners while shopping for the other necessities I need at home. So what are you waiting for? If you suffer from LBL pick up your own Poise Microliners, you won’t regret it!

Let’s discuss: How do you stay feeling fresh and confident all day long? 

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