Guess Who Turned 2? #AlmostWordlessWednesday

I had the most beautiful
birthday ever! It was my 2nd birthday and I got to enjoy it along with family
and friends. My first birthday was spent at home with just my parents and
siblings and a great cake. This year was totally different. Since I was a bit
older mommy and daddy decided that this year I was going to have a party. 

Although this was my
party my stinky brothers had a say in where it was going to be held. After all
they were invited and so were their friends. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot
of friends yet. Well they thought that Chuck-E-Cheese was the place to be so
that’s where we went. I want to share a few of my photos with you from my party.

Now there are quite a lot
of photos. Mommy couldn’t resist taking a LOT of photos but I’m only sharing a
few with you today. 

Here is my stinky brother
Kyle and I enjoying one of the game machines. It was a lot of fun watching him
since I couldn’t play. 

You may have seen photos
of daddy setting things together but you have never seen a photo of both of us
together. Here we are hanging with Chuck E Cheese. I was a birthday rock star! 

My brother Mikael went
into the ticket blaster and tried to get some extra tickets for me. Since mommy
and daddy got me the Mega Superstar package, I already had 2,000 tickets but
there was a chance to win an extra 1,000. Mikael didn’t win it but he had a lot
of fun in there grabbing what he could. 

I did get to pull on my very own piñata which included an
extra 400 tickets and 40 tokens which means more prizes at the end of the

After my party at Chuck E Cheese was over it was time to head
home. There was a big surprise waiting for me. I got my very own Volkswagen
Beetle. Way before my sister did. She really wants to own one.  Guess who
crashed my photo op? Kitty of course! My partner in crime. 

Have you ever had a party
or taken your kids to Chuck E Cheese before? What was your experience

What is Madison wearing? Get the look!

Balloon Bird Birthday Girl Tee – Gymboree

Dot Ribbon Tutu Skirt – Gymboree

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