Forget the Truck – Make an #IceCreamRun to Walgreens!

Disclaimer: I participated in a sponsored post for Walgreens on behalf of Global Influence however all opinions are 100% my very own. 

It’s summer which means that it’s hot and I’m talking about temperatures being close to 100 degrees. Being super hot also means that there are few ways to cool down. I can either get in a pool, just turn the hose on and get under the sprinklers, stay indoors and turn on the air conditioner or even getting something cool and nice to drink or in this case eat. Living in Colorado we have just one ice-cream truck that comes through the neighborhood. However when it does comes you had to be quick because it went through pretty fast. You also had no idea when it was going to come and it can be weeks before you see it again. This year though we actually have none since unfortunately our ice-cream truck driver passed away just recently. That leaves the kids in the neighborhood very sad of course. What’s a kid to do when they want something delicious, cold and sweet to eat? Luckily for us there is a Walgreens close by that’s opened 24 hours. That means I can get my sweet on at all hours of the day, no matter when I want it.

Mommy and I recently made an ice-cream run to our local Walgreens and was surprised at all the delicious Unilever ice-cream treats available. As a matter of fact mommy really had no idea that Walgreens even had ice-cream. I’m sure a few of you had no idea either. When you think of Walgreens automatically you think of a pharmacy but Walgreens has a lot more to offer.

It seems like we weren’t the only ones on an ice-cream run since quite a few were already missing from the shelf.  From bars to actual ice-cream it wasn’t that difficult of a decision choosing which ones we wanted since I actually wanted them all.  We finally decided on a few choices. Of course I wanted the Strawberry and Milk Fruttare and mommy just had to have that Magnum Double Caramel Bar. And for everyone mommy also got some Bryers ice-cream and Klondike bars. Once our choices were made our next stop was to the cash register to pay for our delicious goodies.

Now I couldn’t wait to get home. I just love ice-cream and so does everyone in my family. Do you the first thing that disappeared once I got in? Those delicious Fruttare Strawberry and Milk bars. They didn’t even last an entire day. Next of course was those Klondike bars and mommy decided that she wasn’t going to share those Magnum because according to mommy, “they’re too good to share”.

So when you’re feeling hot and need a quick sweet treat, don’t wait for the truck, make that ice-cream run to Walgreens.  So find your closest Walgreens using their store locator and make that ice cream run today! Remember they’re on the corner of Happy and Healthy and ice cream sure makes me and my tummy very happy!

So what’s your favorite ice-cream? 

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