Know You’re Safe in an Evenflo Car Seat

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If you have a little one at home, then more than likely you also have a car seat for that little one. A car seat is a requirement for that very first car ride from the hospital. You may have seen news
that car seats will have to be tested to withstand
side-impact collisions of up to 30 miles an hour.  Since a quarter of all
car accidents are side impact collisions, this move will save the lives of
children. It’s incredible that this is now being talked about. Luckily for us Evenflo has you covered. 

Symphony All In One

Right now, it’s
practically impossible for parents to know if car seats have been properly
crash tested or to trust they will truly protect children in the event of an
unfortunate collision.  “The Truth aboutChild Car Seat Safety Claims.”  I’m sure you will be shocked to
find out that many car seat brands don’t test for side-impact collisions, since
the manufacturers are not required to do so. Since 2008, Evenflo is
one of the few car seat manufacturers that have been doing side impact testing
across their entire product line including the #1 rated seats: Symphony All in One and Triumph Convertible. Side-impact
testing simulates a crash in which the vehicle carrying the car seat is struck
on the side by another vehicle. An example of a “real life” side impact
collision is when a car crossing an intersection is struck on the side by another
car that ran a stop sign.  Parents trust car
seats to protect children in the event of an accident and it’s Evenflo’s
commitment to make sure that each car seat will keep a child safe.

Triumph Convertible

Evenflo test at speeds
that replicate the Side Impact Testing for New Car Assessment Program (SNCAP)
and those of NHTSA’s newly proposed side impact test protocol. Evenflo also
advertises side impact testing both on the carton and on the car seat itself, so
parents are aware of the level of test that are designed to keep kids
safe.  Since studies indicate that approximately 25% of Motor Vehicle
Accidents involve a side impact component, parents can rest assure Evenflo’s
car seats are designed outperform.

Isn’t it great to know that Evenflo has been doing this for such a long time? For those in an Evenflo car seat rest assured that you are in one of the best!

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