DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

This DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose will leave you enchanted and dreaming of new beginnings.

I have to admit, I have an IKEA obsession. I bet you thought that I would be talking about Beauty and the Beast, au contraire. While I love the movie as much as any other person who have seen it, and have actually watched it twice, IKEA still holds a special place in my heart. I visit the store at least once a month, however, this month has seen me going there twice in two weeks. Last week while there, I just happened to see this beautiful glass dome, and the first thing I thought of was, “Isn’t that what the Beast’s rose was in?”. So the idea to create this DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose was formed. No it wasn’t anything special in relation to the movie, just some IKEA inspiration. The rose was also purchased at IKEA. You just gotta love that store!

DIY Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

Supplies Needed

Glass Dome


Wire cutter

E600 or Glue Gun

This was by far one of the easiest craft I’ve done. From start to finish took less than 5 minutes.


Step 1: Get your wire cutter and cut the stem of your rose to fit inside your glass dome. You may want to bend the rose a bit and insert in the dome to see how much you need to cut off.

Step 2: Take about 2 petals off the rose to place at the bottom to represent the falling leaves.

Step 3: Using your glue gun or E600 attach your rose into the dome. You will have to hold onto your rose for a bit until it dries. If you’ve used a glue gun, it will be quicker but the E600 is a lot stronger, however if you’ve used the E600, it will take you a bit more than 5 minutes. For this I used the glue gun.

Step 4: Once your rose stem has dried, place 2 of the petals at the bottom of your stem to represent the falling petals and to hide whatever glue may be present. It might not be perfect, but it helps.

That’s it! You’re done and you’ve now recreated the enchanted rose that is portrayed in Beauty and the Beast. Maybe you might even do a better job of recreating it than I did. If you do, we’d love to see it. Beauty and the Beast in still in theaters and so far we’ve seen it twice. It’s a tale of bullies, allies, love and acceptance and there is so much to be learned. So take the family and don’t let that “gay moment”, which turned out to be absolutely nothing, prevent you from enjoying a movie that is well worth seeing.

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