Halloween Tulle Wreath Owl‏

We want to share with you another beautiful art and craft. One that you can do not only for Halloween with your little ones, but can be done for any occasion with just a change of your tulle colors and decorations. I’m already seeing possibilities for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just let your imagination move you. Now without further ado, introducing our Halloween Tulle Wreath Owl. With my obsession with owls it’s no wonder it’s one of my favorite.

Here is what you’ll need:-


5-6 inch metal ring.

White tulle

Black tulle with sparkles



Embellishments for decorating (optional)


Step 1: 

Start by cutting squares of tulle from both the white and black tulle rolls. If you are using a thinner white tulle, you will want to cut twice as many white squares as black. Start with at least 30 of each.

Step 2: 

Begin tying the pieces of tulle around the metal ring. Just use a basic knot like you are beginning to tie your shoe. Half the fabric should be on one side of the ring and half on the other. If you are using thinner white tulle, then you should tie two pieces of white tulle onto the metal ring for every one black piece of tulle.

Step 3: 

Once you have filled in all of the space on the metal ring with your tied tulle pieces, go through and trim the inside or outside of the wreath if you wish. You can leave it as is for a more shabby look, or trim it to a certain length for a cleaner look.

Step 4:

Add any optional embellishments of your choosing to the wreath with hot glue. We chose to use an owl of course because it seems a lot more Halloween than flowers.

Now that you’ve seen how easy this is to make, maybe you can make a few for yourself with your little ones this Halloween or even Thanksgiving or Christmas. Let me know if you do.

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