Getting Your Child Involved in Sports

With school back in session on the West and for those going back to school in the East, getting your children involved in sports is a great way to encourage exercise and social interaction. Plus, it’s just downright fun for kids! If you want to get your child involved in sports, but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are some great tips for you.

Try Out Different Sports for the “Right” Fit

If you want your child involved in sports, it’s important that you find the right fit. The best way to find the right sport for your child to play is to try out different sports. Give basketball, baseball, football, and soccer a try. After a season, ask your child what they liked and didn’t like about the sport. Keep trying different sports until your child finds one or two that they absolutely love.

Practice Skills At Home

Not being able to do something can be frustrating for your child. You can help your child become more involved in sports by practicing different skills at home. If your child is enrolled in t-ball, set up a tee and practice hitting the ball. Get out there and play the sport with your child, giving gentle tips and reminders that will help them improve their skills.

Make It Fun

For a lot of adults, sports are very competitive. This competitiveness can sometimes be projected onto children’s sporting events. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting to win, you need to let your child (and yourself) know that winning isn’t everything. Having fun and trying hard are the most important things, especially if your child is just starting out.

Don’t Force It

You or your spouse might want your child to become the next Peyton Manning or Michael Jordan, but don’t force the issue. Sometimes pushing your child into something they’re not ready for will have the opposite effect you were hoping for. Just because your child can’t pass a football or shoot a free throw now doesn’t mean they won’t be able to in the future. Accept your child’s skills and interests, encourage them to practice and better themselves, but don’t be upset if your child fails at the time. You might even need to let go of your dreams to help encourage your child to follow their dreams.

Sports can be a large part of your child’s life. Your child might even be able to use sports to pay for college! Because of this, it’s important that you go about involving your child in sports the right way. Keep encouraging your child to follow their dreams when it comes to any sport or other extracurricular activities.

What are some ways you get your child involved in sports?

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