Valentine’s Day Brownies

I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here, and so is Super Bowl weekend. With the unusual amount of snow that we have been having, the entire city is almost on lockdown. The kids have been out of school, and they love it, but I’m ready for them to go back. So what do we do when they’re home and there’s nothing to do? We bake.

I recently got some heart cutters and molds and I have been having a great time making everything into hearts. I did some heart chocolates mixed with sprinkles and before I could even photograph them, they disappeared. I got super lucky with my Valentine’s Day Brownies. They are super easy to make since I used a brownie box mix. They were also delicious and didn’t last too long either. So if you’re home on a cold day you can try our Valentine Day Brownies.

Valentine’s Day Brownies

Things you’ll need:

1 boxed brownie mix + box ingredients

2 squares chocolate almond bark

2 squares white almond bark


Prepare the brownie mix as instructed on the package. Be sure to liberally spray your pan with non-stick cooking spray so the brownies come out easy. Even better, line the pan with Parchment, so you can lift them out. If possible, use a pan slightly large than what’s instructed. This will make your brownies a little less thick and easier to cut. Also, thinner brownies will cook quicker, so you’ll need to adjust the cooking time if you do this.

When the brownies are done, allow them to cool for 15 minutes. Turn them out onto your counter, and use your hands to gently press them down. You don’t want to smash them. Just press them down to even them out.

Press a cookie cutter straight down into the brownie and slightly twist. Pull the cookie cutter straight up, and gently push it out using the tips of your fingers. Be patient with this process, and you’ll have perfectly-shaped hearts. I like to cut out a variety of sizes.

Turn the brownie hearts over, so the smoother side of the brownie is up. Place a wire rack over a large piece of wax paper, and place the brownies on the rack.

Melt the chocolate almond bark in the microwave by cooking for 20 – 30 seconds at a time and whisking in between. When it’s completely melted and smooth, pour it into a Ziploc baggie.

Snip off the end of the baggie and drizzle the chocolate all over the brownies. You can add as much or as little as you like.

Repeat this process with the white almond bark.

I like to go back over the brownies with a second drizzling of the chocolate almond bark.

Let the brownies sit for 15 – 20 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened.



If serving this at a Valentine’s Day party, use some heart-shaped decorations and pretty straws to dress up your platter!

You can use any kind of boxed brownie mix to make these, but we don’t recommend brownies that are too fudgy, or they’ll be harder to cut out.

The number of hearts this will make will vary depending on the box mix you use, the size of your cookie cutters, and how many you cut out. We were able to get about 17 hearts in all different sizes!

When all the hearts are cut out, you can reserve the pieces of uncut brownies for another recipe or just to snack on đŸ˜‰ We used our pieces to make Cherry Cheesecake Brownie Trifles.

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