Fall in Love with the Peanuts Gang this Valentine’s Day

Only a week away from Valentine’s Day and we are all trying to figure out what to get our loved ones. Whether it’s roses or chocolate or a date night, we all want it to be romantic and special. I have to be honest and say that I still have no plans but I do know that on that day it is going to be special. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and we try to show those that we love how much they are loved and appreciated. Well we aren’t the only ones who love Valentine’s Day. The Peanuts Gang has been in on the Valentine Day celebration for quite some time now. Did you know that over the years, Charles Schulz created dozens of Valentine’s Day-themed comic strips. Many of the strips focuses on Charlie Brown’s eagerness to receive valentines…only to be disappointed, every. single. time.

In several of the strips, Charlie Brown watches hopefully as Snoopy sits on his doghouse reading his huge stacks of valentines—while his own mailbox remains persistently empty. Poor Charlie Brown.

Other recurring stories of unrequited love include Lucy pestering Schroeder for a valentine and Sally pursuing Linus (in vain) by giving him a valentine.

Sally’s pet name for Linus, “Sweet Babboo,” was inspired by Schulz’ wife, Jeannie Schulz, who called her husband the same thing. Linus apparently feels differently about the pet name than Schulz did—almost every time Sally uses the term of endearment, Linus screams, “I’m not your Sweet Babboo!”

This Valentine’s Day there will be two primetime TV specials devoted to the gang. The first will be Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown which originally aired on the 28 January, 1975 and which now airs every year on ABC.  The second, A Charlie Brown Valentine, is the 40th special also airing on ABC. In this special, Charlie Brown attempts to win the heart of the Little Red-Haired Girl by finally working up the courage to call her and ask her to the Valentine’s Day dance.

Every year, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang can be found on hundreds of different Valentine’s Day gifts, including cards, plush, books, candy and much more. This year, for the first time, Oriental Trading is offering an array of colorful Peanuts toys, party supplies, and crafts for Valentine’s Day. Also new are adorable Peanuts Pez and a ready-to-read book, called Happy Valentine’s Day, Charlie Brown, from Simon and Schuster. And, returning by popular demand, are Whitman’s chocolates featuring a Snoopy plush, A Charlie Brown Valentine DVDs from Warner Home Entertainment, and holiday cards from Hallmark.

We are huge Peanuts fans and I’ve been watching Snoopy and his friends for many many years. Whether it’s watching him on television, reading one of the books or even wearing his gear, the Peanuts gang will continually live in my heart. What about you?

Let’s discuss: How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your loved one? 

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