Garden Party Brownies

These Garden Party Brownies or Flower Brownies will have you dreaming of Spring if you aren’t already.

A few days ago I was dreaming of Summer, but I’ve been here obsessively thinking of Spring. As a matter of fact it seems that Spring might even have come early. We have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures, sometimes as high as in the 70’s, and it’s still technically winter. Old Man Winter just might be leaving a little earlier than usual, but his beautiful wife spring is approaching. When I think spring, I think of all the lovely flowers that will be appearing, although with those flowers usually comes my spring allergies. However, all that won’t matter when you’re eating my lovely garden party brownies, or as Madison calls them, flower brownies. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also delicious.

Garden Party Brownies

Makes 24 Brownies


Favorite Brownie Mix

Pillsbury Funfetti Icing in the following colors

Neon Yellow Vanilla

Aqua Blue Vanilla

Hot Pink Vanilla

Bold Purple Vanilla

And the sprinkles that came with the frosting

Decorator Bags


Bake brownies as directed and cut into 1.5-2” squares.

Use a piping bag filled with icing to pipe flowers onto your brownies.

Decorate with sprinkles.

Let set to harden.

Get ready for spring! 

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