Why You Want To Plan A Halloween Party Away From Home

While it is exciting to go on a trick-or-treat adventure with younger kids, when you have teens, it may not be fun anymore to ring the neighbor’s doorbells in a witch costume. In fact, for teenagers, Halloween can get surprisingly dull. They are often too old to enjoy the same pranks they did as children. But they are not old enough to join grown-up parties. So, this could be the perfect opportunity to transform Halloween night and make new memories together. Here is why you want to plan a Halloween party away from home with your family. 

Why Plan A Halloween Party Away From Home

The Perfect Road Trip Season

Fall is the best season for a road trip. The landscape turns into a beautiful golden painting that changes every day. So, rather than adding plastic decorations to your interior to make it look more seasonal, wouldn’t it be more fun to explore the beautiful autumnal sceneries? There are plenty of gorgeous locations for a Halloween road trip. Green Mountain Byway in New England is a mesmerizing sight. Besides, no one takes food and farm activities as seriously as new England during this time of the year. The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway in New Mexico takes you through the lush fall foliage, in hues ranging from yellow to brown and red. Pick a destination and enjoy the autumnal scenes for a new taste of Halloween. Make sure to pack a route book or to learn how to use maps offroad as some of these paths could be confusing to navigate. 

Simple and Spooky Food Recipes

There’s one unique advantage to going away for Halloween: You don’t have to worry about the trick-or-treat sugar rush. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little spookiness into your holiday meals. You can create a devilish Halloween mocktail with food colorant, for instance. If you are feeling creative, encourage your family to create a Halloween-themed dinner. You can start with a simple take on pizza by turning mozzarella cheese into ghostly shapes and olives into spiders. But if you’re more confident in the kitchen, you can bake Jack-o’-Lantern pot pies or a large spider pizza. The options are endless. And it’ll be fun to work together to create something uniquely spooky. 

Why Plan A Halloween Party Away From Home

Recreate Your Favorite Scary Scenes from Movies

Perhaps your kids are too old to dress up like a witch, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a great costume. You could throw a family challenge to recreate a scene from a safe scary movie. Coraline is a favorite of all generations and easy to imitate if you have a few buttons lying around. The Nightmare Before Christmas will also get everyone excited, either to turn into Jack Skellington or Sally. A shared project can be a fantastic way of getting everyone together. 

Break the Routine

Finally, the most important thing about your Halloween road trip is to escape the routine. For many families, the pandemic has been a stressful time. Even though things are slowly going back to normal, it’s hard to recharge our batteries. So you could use a break to relax and enjoy the changing season. 

Are you planning anything special for Halloween? There’s still time to book a unique stay in the changing landscape and make the most of the season together as a family. It might not be your typical Halloween, but it’ll be a great change of air and pace for everyone. 

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