Classic Halloween Wooden Spoons


Earlier this year, we shared our Wooden Spoon Family, so what did we do with our leftover spoons? Well, we could have used them in our house, but what fun would that be? With Halloween right around the corner, we decided to do something fun with them. You can totally get creative with wooden spoons, and while I loved our spoon family, I have been thinking of other ways we could use them, and this Halloween season was perfect.

I decided on doing classic Halloween characters and what’s more classic than a Jack-o-Lantern, Ghost, Vampire, and of course, our lovable Jack Skellington? The Nightmare Before Christmas is one that we watch yearly and, of course, one that should be in your Halloween classic movie collection. Now you don’t need to be an artist to do this. I am no artist, and my pieces are, of course, done by an amateur, ME, but your pieces will be uniquely yours. Madison even made a green witch. Get the kids involved and get your crafting on!

Classic Halloween Wooden Spoons

Supplies needed:

Wooden Spoons

Paint – Halloween colors or any color that you like

Googly Eyes (if desired)



  1. Start off by painting your spoons in your desired color. For example, for my Jack-O-Lantern, I painted it orange while I did my ghost in an obvious white. A simple google search can show you templates of what each may look like, but you can freehand it and do it just however you please. Madison decided on doing a green witch and a zombie, both painted green. You can use a smock to protect your little one’s clothing if they are going to be helping or just use water-based paint, which can be easily washed from hands and clothing.
  1. Next, draw the faces on. You can either use paint for the eyes or the googly eyes which Madison used for her witch. Googly eyes are simpler for little children, for those who like to “do it myself.” If you decide to make your own witch, you can use yarn or even pipe cleaners for her hair (like we did for our Wooden Spoon Family), but we decided to forgo that.

This is a simple and easy craft that you can do together with your little ones. Painting helps with hand and eye coordination and letting them do it themselves, helps to foster independence. It also gives them a sense of pride, so be sure to add their very unique creation to your own, and display it proudly, no matter how much you may be laughing on the inside because it looks nothing like they said it was. Well, Madison said the witch looks very much like me, and I have to agree. Thank you, Madison!

For another simple Halloween craft that’s easy on your budget, check out our DIY Dollar Store Halloween Witch Wreath.

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