Our Wooden Spoon Family – Crafts for Kids

You may have noticed that this year we have truly toned down on our reviews. It was the one thing that I promised myself when the new year started. While I don’t make resolutions, I did, however, set a few goals for us here on Growing Up Madison. One was to take back our blog and focus more on what we’ve been doing. Traveling more and seeing more of our beautiful adopted state and taking some time away from social media and being the mom that I always knew that I could be. I have a beautiful family if I do say so myself and Madison, my youngest is quite unlike all the others.

While my older kids are into video gaming and have been since the day they could hold a controller in their hands, Madison is the outdoorsy one in the family. She loves going outside, no matter how cold it is, and doing things with her hands. She always wants to do something crafty, and you know what? I oblige, even though I’m not the craftiest person in the world. I love things that are easy, super easy, and what’s easier than crafting with kids? Our Wooden Spoon Family is one of the easiest yet, and Madison had a blast making them.

Here’s one thing to note when crafting with kids. Please let them do it their way. There is no right or wrong when it comes to their work. The mistake you see makes their piece unique. If you want to encourage creativity, don’t criticize or complain that their work is shoddy, or they could have done better. Like seriously, your toddler or pre-schooler, while you may want them to be the next Vincent Van Goh, is still a baby and is doing the best that they can, and you want to encourage their best. So how did we do our Wooden Spoon Family? Let’s get to it!

Wooden Spoon Family

Supplies needed:

Wooden Spoons




Googly Eyes

Yarn / Pipe Cleaners / Pompoms


1. Start by designing your family’s face. Madison started with adding the googly eyes. After all, you’re going to want eyes to see. ­čÖé

2. Next, have your little one draw on the mouth and nose with their markers.

3. For this one, you can use yarn, pipe cleaners, or your markers and pompoms. The choice is yours. For the yarn or pipe cleaners, with your glue gun or even Alene’s Tacky Glue, place some glue at the top of your spoon and attach your yarn or pipe cleaners. If you’re going to use your markers, color the top of your spoon, right above the eyes, in any color that you like. Next, attach a pompom at the top, giving it the look of a hat.

4.  Cut a piece of the ribbon of your choice am attach on the spoon wherever your little one’s heart desires.

5. The buttons are optional, but we found that they made our family look so much cooler. You can attach the buttons below your ribbon with a little bit of glue. For this craft, I found that the glue gun worked a lot better, attaching our buttons.

That’s it! Your family is done, and it couldn’t have been easier. I’m sure it took Madison less than 10 minutes to make her person. She even decided that she wanted “real hair” on her spoon person, so since we had a bit of hair extensions from a previous protective style, I attached a little hair to her person.

You’re going to need to help your little one with the glue, but besides that, please let them do it all by myself. It fosters their independence and encourages their creativity.

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