Be Confident With Poise Impressa® – #TryImpressa

This conversation is brought to you by Acorn and Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports. All opinions are my own.

Yes, that’s me! If you’ve noticed, I very rarely share photos of myself. Why? Because I’m very self conscious about the way I look. You may not know this but in just a few short months I’m going to be the big 4-0. I can’t even say it out loud. I can’t believe I’m going to be forty! OK I just said it. In just a few months I’m going to be 40. I think saying it over and over makes it more real, at least to me. I remember a few years ago I was 18 and I couldn’t wait to be 25, then I was 25 and couldn’t wait to be 30. Now that I’m almost 40, oh how I wish I was 20 again. Not because my 20 year old self had everything going for her, no because my 20 year old self didn’t have much to worry about. Back in those days I could dance all night long without a worry. I could laugh out loud without a worry. I could do anything without worrying about whether laughing or dancing was going to make me leak. Yup you heard me correct. I didn’t have to worry about any leaking.

I’m a grown, ALMOST OLD, woman who has had 4 kids. Granted I had all of them via c-section and never had to worry about going through labor and delivery but still carrying those 4 children sure did a number on my body. Things don’t work the way that they used to do any more. I just love those belly busting jokes that would make me laugh out loud, you know the ones where you laugh so hard that you pee a little, well when I laugh too hard, that actually happens, but oh how I love those jokes. Luckily for me, however, I can now enjoy those belly busting laughs. I can dance “All Night Long” like Lionel Richie wanted me to do back in the days, with no worries any longer. And you want to know why? Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports has got me covered.

So why am I telling you about this today? Well let’s be honest. The older you get the less things works well. It’s just like a car. The older the car gets, the more you have to take it to the mechanic shop because it isn’t brand new from the dealership any longer, and just like that’s normal, it’s normal for us women to experience bladder leaks or Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) as it’s called. It can happen at any time, while you’re working out at the gym, sneezing, coughing or as in my case laughing too hard and I’m not alone. Just take a look at the video below.

So does Poise Impressa® work? Well it does for me. First of all I would suggest getting the sizing kit because one size does not fit all. It’s just like a tampon and is inserted the same way but unlike a tampon, it does not soak up leaks but prevents it from happening in the first place. They are also pretty comfortable to wear and I was able to find my size right away since I’m a size 1. I’ve been recommending Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports to my friends and those who have tried them have loved them. It gives you your confidence back and takes all your worries, well most of them, away.

You can find the Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports sizing kits at your local Walmart in the feminine hygiene aisle where I was able to find mine with no problems. I just went and got my product, came home, tried it and I was on cloud nine. Now my confidence is back. I can laugh out loud without actually typing it and all is now right with the world. So if you’re having problems with leakage, head to Walmart and pick up your own sizing kit today!

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