Spooky Halloween Bouquet


Get into the spirit of spookiness this Halloween and create your own bouquet with our step-by-step guide. Perfect for adding some eerie ambiance to your home!

I love decorating my entryway table, and with Halloween approaching, I’ve been getting into the Halloween frenzy. I started with my doorway and did a Halloween Witch Wreath and now for my entryway table, there’s this spooky Halloween bouquet.

There’s something to be said about Halloween; it’s not just for the kids, and it’s not just about the candy. I love decorating my home for the holidays, whether it’s with store-bought items or items that I’ve made myself. I like getting into the spirit of the holidays. I also love flowers; I just can’t keep them alive. My friends and family would say that I have a black thumb, unlike my parents, who could probably grow a vegetable garden in the desert.

I love seeing flowers on my entryway table, so when I was at my local dollar store picking up supplies for crafting, I came upon these impressive floral bushes. The black and purple roses were just what I needed for a spooky bouquet, and brownie points for the black roses having eyeballs and spiders already attached. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and picked up my supplies. I even surprised myself when it was all finished with how breathtaking it looked. So let’s get into how it’s all done. This took about 5 minutes from start to finish, but only because I wanted it to look perfect.

Spooky Halloween Bouquet

Spooky Halloween Bouquet 

Supplies Needed

Halloween Colored Floral Bushes (Purple, Black, and Orange)

(if your craft store does not have bushes with eyeballs and spiders already attached, purchase a bag of pingpong eyeballs and fake spiders.)

Halloween Branches

Black Marbles

Halloween Scarf


Skeleton Hands (not shown)


Step 1. Start by filling your vase halfway with your black marbles, then wrap your Halloween scarf around the top of the vase. This will hide the stems of your flowers and the fact that the marble isn’t at the top.

Step 2. Insert your floral bushes, branches, and skeleton arms into the vase and position them the way you would like them to be.

*If you were not able to find bushes with the eyeballs and spiders attached, you can use a glue gun and attach the eyeballs to the center of your flowers and the spiders along the leaves.

Place your arrangement wherever your heart desires and display it’s spookiness.

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