PEEPS Floral Spring Arrangement – Easy Craft for Kids

Most people have a love/hate relationship with the marshmallow candy PEEPS, bunnies or chicks, it doesn’t matter, you either hate them or you don’t. There is no in-between. While I’m not a fanatic about them and can take them or leave them, I have noticed that every Easter they are in abundance. Easter is just one of those times that you can find them in abundance, but I’ve also noticed that they have made an appearance at other holidays as well. Easter, however is over and it’s officially Spring and that also means that PEEPS are going to be on sale soon. If you’re still looking for a pretty spring floral arrangement for your entry way table or even dining room table, I have a very easy one for you today. Our PEEPS Floral Spring Arrangement is super easy to make and also a great alternative to eating those left over PEEPS you may have. You know me, if it’s easy, I can do it and you can get the kids involved as well, although I’m not so sure that some of them will want to part with their candy.

Here is what you’ll need:

Peeps Floral Spring Arrangement


Jelly Beans


2 Different Size Square Vases (bought at the dollar store)

Flowers (dollar store flowers works great)


This is really easy and once I add my simple 3 steps you will see exactly what I was talking about.

Step 1:
Add your jelly beans to the bigger vase to your desired height, then insert the smaller vase in the middle. Placing it in the middle ensures that you have space for your PEEPS.

Step 2:
Place your PEEPS between the two vases. You can mix your colors or do 1 color, it’s really your preference.

Step 3:
Add your favorite flowers and place your arrangement in your desired place of preference. Madison thought that our entry way table was the best place to put it and said it looked “beautiful” there.

So if you’re still wondering what to do with your left over PEEPS, or looking for a cheap way to decorate your home, then our PEEPS Floral Arrangement may just be for you. It’s an economical way to decorate your home since you may have a lot of that candy laying around now that Easter is over.

While I used a variety of colors for my jelly beans, you can use just one color. You can also do the same for the PEEPS. If you don’t have jelly beans, think M&M’s, they’ll be perfect as well.

Let’s discuss: What do you do with your left over Easter candy? 

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