Candy Corn Fruit Cups (Healthy Halloween Treat)

With the month of October comes Halloween. With Halloween comes lots and lots of candy and one of the most famous Halloween candy is candy corn. I have to admit that I’m really not much of a fan of candy corn, yes I admit it. While I love corn, and I really do love it, I don’t really love the candy variety. October is also one of the few months where my kids can enjoy as much candy as they want for one day only, because my house tends to be a candy free zone, so like most kids they just love Halloween. I like them to eat healthy because I know the benefit of eating healthy and having healthy snacks. While we’re not prone to cavities, my kids don’t always remember to brush and I admit it. I have to often ask “did you brush your teeth”, and I would hear “oh I forgot”. I mean how do you forget to brush your teeth? I really didn’t think it was possible but when you have kids you get to realize that sometimes even the impossible is possible. Today for those moms who would prefer to have mostly healthy treats for Halloween we made a candy corn fruit cup. You can add as little candy corn as possible making it even healthier but I added a few as a treat.

This is what you’ll need:


1 15-ounce can mandarin orange slices, drained

1 20-ounce can pineapple chunks, drained & chopped

Whipped cream

Candy corn candy, for garnish


Add 1/4 cup chopped pineapple to the bottom of a glass serving dish or cup.

Carefully place 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges on top of the pineapple, making sure to fill in all the gaps to make a solid orange layer.

Top with whipped cream and place a candy corn candy on top. You can add as many as you like but remember, this is supposed to be healthy.


You can use crushed pineapple to avoid having to chop anything, but all I had on hand were the chunks and personally I prefer the chunks.

The number this will make will vary depending on the size glasses you use.

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