Bentley the Cocker Spaniel Loves Pooch Perks

We love our children and want nothing but the best for them and today I’m not talking about our human children, I’m talking about our 4 legged children. Bentley our Cocker Spaniel is part of our family and he’s treated just like everyone else. He’s scolded when he does wrong and praised when he does the right thing. He’s still currently a puppy and is in the chewing stage, so you can bet he gets scolded quite a bit for chewing on our shoes, chewing on the stairs, for trying to eat my plant and even by our cat Kitty for trying to chew on her. I’m of the opinion that praises must exceed scolding so we do the treat system, where if he does something good he gets a treat and he’s catching on, that the more good stuff he does, the more treats he gets. It’s why I was excited when given the opportunity to try Pooch Perks. It’s a subscription service for dogs that arrives at your doorstep with toys and treats.

A few of the things that attracted me to Pooch Perks were that most of their products are made right here in the USA and are all natural and organic (whenever possible). They are also grain and gluten free (wherever possible) and contain no artificial preservatives or colors. Bentley is currently on a grain free diet and his food is actually made here in the USA as well.

When the box arrived and I opened it, it seems like he knew that the box belonged to him because as the puppy he is, he couldn’t resist putting his head in the box. I had to actually remove him so that we could take a picture of the products.

Here’s what was included in my box. I’m going to list the full size products first:

Lindy & Company Yogurt Peanutty Puppers Gourmet Dog Treats – This is a product made by homeless youths and I just had to check out the company. The product is gluten free and all natural.

Emerald Pet Little Chewzzies – Another treat that was made with real chicken. Also made right here in the USA with all natural US ingredients. It’s also wheat free, corn free, soy free, and dairy free.

Snif-Snax Salmon Fillet Treats – Another all natural treat and I took a look at the ingredients. Salmon, salt and hickory smoke. There were 6 pieces included in the package and his serving size is 4 pieces but as a treat I’d only give him 2. I think Kitty wanted these for herself though.

Astrozone Gummy Bone Chew Toy, Medium. Once again this is made in the USA of non-toxic material and is Veterinarian approved, and just the thing that Bentley needs. Maybe this will curb his chewing on other things he’s not supposed to chew on.

Dura-Brite Lace Up Dog Bone Chew Toy – I was a little skeptical with this one since it’s made in China. I couldn’t find any info on whether the materials were non-toxic etc so I might pass on giving this one to Bentley.

Flower Power Plush Squeaky Dog Toy is made in the USA and I have to say this was actually Bentley’s favorite. He bypassed all the treats and snacks and other toys and went directly for this. He’s a big fan of plush toys and anything that squeaks so it was really no surprise.

Now these were the samples that were included:

Paws Barkery – fun baked cookies for dogs.

Mojo Morsels – 10% made and sourced in the USA.

Big Daddy Biscuits – homemade biscuits for dogs also made right here in the USA.

Absolutely Clean Pet Stain & Odor Remover – We received a 2 oz sample of this and I can’t wait to give it a try.

So what did I think of the box? I love it and Bentley does as well. So how does Pooch Perks works?

1. You select the size of your dog. There are 2 different sizes to choose from. Under 35lbs and over 35lbs.

2. You choose the dog package you would like your family pet to receive. There are currently 4 different packages ranging in price from $20 – $50 and shipping is included. You can even do a customized box for $20 filled with just treats.

3. Just wait for your package to show up. It’s that easy!

Growing Up Madison fans can receive 20% off their Popular, Patriotic and Pampered boxes with code Madison20.

Let’s discuss: So how much do you love and pamper your pets? 

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