Ways to Make Chores Fun

In the past few days, we learned how to introduce chores to your kids. Next, we dealt with how to get your kids to do chores once you’ve introduced that chore. We all know that once we’ve gotten them to do it that it can still be a struggle, namely because chores are not innately fun. That’s why people tend to dread doing all of their housework. I’m sure your children will definitely agree with this! Although chores aren’t fun naturally enjoyable for kids to do, you can do a little work to help make them more fun. Here are some ways you can make chores fun for your kids.

Play Some Music

The next time you and your kids are ready to do some chores, turn on some music and play your favorite songs loud enough for everyone to hear. Not only will the music help give you and your kids something to focus on while doing those boring chores, it will also help make the chores more fun when someone spontaneously starts dancing with the broom.

Be Silly

Don’t be afraid to act silly while doing chores. Most chores don’t require a lot of thinking, which means that it will be very easy to get a little silly with your kids. While folding laundry with your kids, try telling a story together, which each member of the family taking turns telling the next sentence of the story. If you’re matching socks, turn some of those socks into puppets and have the puppets search for pairs. Acting silly will definitely make chores more fun.

Slip and Slide Around the House

Do your floors need to be cleaned? Make this chore more fun for your kids by slipping and sliding around the house! Have your kids put on a pair of socks and skate around with the broom, trying to find all of those dust bunnies. Your kids will have a blast and your floors will look great.

Make It a Race

If your kids are competitive, then you can make chores more fun by turning it into a race. Gather all of your kids together in the living room or kitchen and tell your kids what their chores are. Let them know that the first one done is the winner and will get a celebratory bowl of ice-cream. After yelling go, watch your kids zip around trying to get their chores done in record time.

Doing chores doesn’t have to be boring. By being a little silly and using your imagination, you can make chores fun for your kids to do.

What are some ways you make chores fun?

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