Maisy’s Christmas Tree by Lucy Cousins

Is it Tuesday? You bet it is! It’s Toddler Book Talk Tuesday. It’s the day when I get to share some of the books I have been reading with you. I have been thoroughly enjoying these days and had no idea that it would have been so much fun. While I love reviewing toys and gadgets, nothing gives me more joy that “reading” a book. Sometimes I admit that I just love watching the pictures in the book, but I have to admit that I truly like the bonding time that mommy and I share when we read together. Thanksgiving is over and we all know the next big holiday that is coming up. A lot of you have probably already put your trees up with the help of your little ones. That’s why today I want to share with you: Maisy’s Christmas Tree by Lucy Cousins.

For those who would prefer to have a non-religious book about Christmas for their little one then this is the book for you.  Maisy’s Christmas Tree is a sturdy board book shaped like a Christmas tree that can be wiped clean easily. There are only 8 pages with each page containing one sentence to the story. It starts off with Maisy and her friends decorating her tree. The illustrations are colorful as you can see in the photo above and is fun to read along to.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“Charley hangs candy canes on the tree.”

I really enjoyed the teamwork between Maisy and her friends. If only my brothers and sisters worked together that well. There were times when they would fight over the same ornament to put on the tree. Each of Maisy’s friends did their part and at the end all came together to sing Christmas carols. My brothers and sisters can sure learn a thing or two from Maisy and her friends.

Babies and toddlers alike will enjoy this book. The shape of the book will hold their attention, and because the story is so short and simple it may have you reading it over and over again. The lesson of teamwork and getting along is a great lesson for toddler and even older kids. Maisy’s Christmas Tree makes the perfect stocking stuffer and totally gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Recommended age: 2-5

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