Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies – Valentine Day Treat

I can’t believe that Valentine Day will be here soon in less than a month. With Valentines Day fast approaching I want to share with you another sweet Valentine Day treat that you will enjoy making with your little ones. Valentine Day doesn’t have belong to the adults, kids love to join in on the fun, and who doesn’t love a fortune cookie when it’s filled with niceties? This Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookie Valentine Day treat is not only easy to do but is sure to be a hit, with not only the kids but also the adults in your life. They also make great treats for the potty training child in your life as a sweet reward.

Here is what you’ll need:

Ingredients and Supplies:

1 box of Fruit Roll-Ups of choice

Medium Circle Cookie Cutter

Parchment Paper

Fine Point Red Permanent Marker


1. Use circle cookie cutter to cut out two circles from each fruit roll-up. You can give the remaining pieces to your little helpers.

2. Place two circle together directly on top of each other (they hold together better when you double them).

3. Cut out thin rectangular strips from parchment paper. Using a fine point permanent marker, write out messages to place in each fortune cookie. Get as creative as you want here.

4. Place a fortune in the upper half of the doubled fruit-rollup circle. Take the bottom half of fruit roll-up circle and fold it up to meet the top – slightly pinching the ends together so it holds.

5. Keeping your pointer finger in the bottom center of the fruit-roll up, gently fold the two ends down with your thumb and middle finger, allowing both ends to meet.

Your Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies is now complete. Enjoy passing them around after dinner, they’ll sure to be a hit with everyone.

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