Kids and Exercise – Tips to Stay Healthy

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids, especially when it comes to their health. The best way to keep your kids healthy is to encourage them to be active and move around. Although you wouldn’t want to send your toddler to the gym, there are many ways you can encourage your kids to exercise in a fun way that will keep them healthy.

Head Outside

If you want to keep your kids healthy and active, then turn off the TV and head outside! There are so many things for your kids to do outside, no matter what season it is. If it’s summer, your kids can exercise by going swimming or running through the sprinkler. If it’s the middle of winter, take them sledding or tubing. You’d be surprised at how much exercise your kids (and you!) get when you go up and down a sledding hill multiple times. By simply heading outside, you’re encouraging your kids to be active and healthy.

Play Games

Get your entire family involved and exercise by playing some games. If you want your kids to run around more, instead of putting them on a treadmill, start a game of tag. Everyone will soon be out of breath as the entire family runs away, trying to avoid the person who is “it.” The more active games you play, the healthier your kids will be as well.

Enroll Them in Sports

If your goal is for your kids to exercise on a regular basis, you might want to enroll them in sports. This gives them a competitive way to exercise surrounded by kids their own age. Your kids will work hard to keep up with their peers, hopefully outpacing them as train their bodies to endure more and more exercise and activity.

Go to the Park

Another great way to get your kids to exercise and stay healthy is to head to your local park. Although this might seem surprising, the park is a great place to exercise. Many parks have baseball fields and basketball courts for your kids to practice on. Even simple playgroup equipment can help your child exercise without knowing. Think about the upper body strength and coordination it takes to swing across the monkey bars!

By moving around and staying active, your kids are receiving the exercise they need to stay healthy through their growing years.

What are some ways you get your kids to exercise?

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