Fun Things To Do This Fall

Fall is already here! This season is a great time to get out and enjoy spending some time with your kids! Not sure where to start? If you’re looking for something fun to do this fall, check out these fun fall activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Raking Leaves
– If you dislike raking leaves, then you’ve never raked a big pile, just to jump into them. Get a lot of people involved in the raking process and then dive in. The more, the merrier.

Hiking Trails
– There is something amazing about fall and hiking trails. The air is cool and crisp and makes for the perfect hiking weather. You can even use your hiking trip to gather leaves and other fall items. When you get home, make a craft that will remind you of the good time you had!

Making Art
– Leaves have the potential to make some amazing artwork, so be sure to get the whole family involved in this fall activity. Everyone can find their own leaves and make whatever kind of artwork they’d like. Painting and drawing are two great places to start. You can also transform simple pinecones into cute fall animals like owls or turkeys.

Walk and Take Photos
– Are you looking for something creative to do this fall? Take a walk with the family and take photos along the way. Give your child their own camera for this “fun thing” and watch their creative side come out. You can then put these pictures into a scrapbook or photo album so you can look back and remember this special time with your family.

Take a Hay Ride
– There are fewer things that are more fun in the fall than a hayride. Take the whole family out for this incredible journey. You won’t be disappointed in the view or the company.

Have a Bonfire
– If you really want to experience ‘everything’ about fall, consider having a bonfire. Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs are a fond memory you won’t soon forget. Plus, having a bonfire is a great way to stay toasty warm on those chilly fall nights.

Apple Picking
– If you have not apple picked, then you have not lived. Taking the whole family on an apple picking adventure will be incredibly fun and unforgettable. You can make it into a contest and see who can pick the most apples or the biggest apples. When you get home, try making those apples into something delicious like apple pie.

Craft Time
– Crafting is fun any time of the year, but crafting in fall is even more glorious. Spend time crafting with pine cones, leaves, and sticks you find around your yard. Everyone in the family will enjoy this chance to show their creative sides.

Corn Maze
– A family looking for a little fun this fall will love the idea of a corn maze. Although it can be a little scary to get lost in one of these, by sticking together, you all shall get out alive! You’ll be amazed at how well you and your family can work together to solve one of these fun mazes.

– Playing football isn’t just for 200 pound linebackers. Football also stands for family fun. Get some extended family members together to create a fall night full of football fun. If you’re worried about one of the little ones getting hurt, you can play a little flag football instead.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
– Don’t forget that fall is a great time for you to get a little “me” time. This fall, take a few minutes to go out and get yourself a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee place. You’ll enjoy having some time to yourself while savoring the taste of fall.

Fall is such a fun season ripe with plenty of opportunities for you and your family to connect and build better relationships. Aren’t these ideas fun?

I’d love to hear your best fun for fall activities.

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