Everybody Loves Hazel

I was recently contacted to do a book review of a very special book Everybody Loves Hazel, written by Carla Komar and illustrated by Nat Irwin. I don’t usually turn down books since once thing I love doing is reading. I’ve been reading (or read to) since birth and mommy has actually done a few posts on why it’s important to read early to your kids. I have an extensive book library, both purchased for myself and sent to me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for having a mom who loves reading to me. Now actually I’m in the process of getting another book shelf because my library collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Today though I want to tell you a bit about this delightful book Everybody Loves Hazel.

The book follow Hazel this lovable chick who is on her way to pick up a pink birthday cake just like herself. On her way into town to pick up her very special birthday cake she meets and helps out a few friends in need. Each friend she met who was sad she invited to her party and everyone followed her along to pick up her cake. In the end there was a rain shower but her friend made her day extra special. Join Hazel in this celebration of love and friendship and see just how a few small acts of kindness can make all her birthday wishes come true!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

As Hazel made her way down the road, she noticed Viv looking sad and loney.

“Why the long face?” asked Hazel.

“My best friend moved away and I have no one to play with,” said Viv.

“Come to my birthday party”, said Hazel. “We will play games, sing songs, and eat pink birthday cake.”

“Okay,” said Viv. “That sounds like fun!”

With beautiful colorful illustrations the story will keep your little ones enthralled and I would recommend this for pre-schoolers. While toddlers who have very short attention spans might not be too interested in the story, they will however like the pictures. Pre-schoolers and older children will like the lessons being taught in the book, that kind deeds makes other happy and you in turn will be happy.

The book emphasizes the importance of six simple principles; Happiness, Hope, Peace, Trust, Friendships and Love. The book’s little heroine demonstrates these six values. A wonderful read for moms and kids alike, Everybody Loves Hazel is a positive and uplifting addition to any library. I also received the friends backpack charm along with a cute postcard and book mark. All lovely. Your little ones would love Everybody Loves Hazel. I know I do!

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