Give the Gift of Converse this Christmas

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a sneaker kind of girl. I grew up with two brothers and even as an adult I’ve always felt a lot more comfortable in jeans and sneakers than I’ve ever done in skirts/dresses and heels. I can say with surety that I have more Converse kicks than I do any other shoe in my closet. After I had Madison it made even more sense for me to get even more, and I’ve always been asked, do you have a pair of converse for every outfit? And my answer has always been a resounding “yes”. Now you’re probably wondering why I got more after I had Madison. Well first to begin with they are comfortable, very comfortable. Can you imagine pushing a stroller around wearing heels. I’ve seen the celebrities do it but that’s not practical for me. I also had a brand new baby girl and I wanted her to be just like me. So I bought matching Converses for both of us because to be honest, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks! So for Christmas Madison got a brand new pair under the tree and this one is perfect for the winter. Introducing the Chuck Taylor All Star Asphalt Boot for kids.

The Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Asphalt Boot is truly equipped for the winter. Instead of your general canvas that most Chucks are made of, this is made of rubber and is truly a winter footwear staple for active kids. It has a rubber outsole for better traction and a padded tongue for warmth. We were able to test it out in our cold Colorado winter. We recently had quite a bit of snow so what better time than to wear these brand new Chucks. These we found out are not only perfect for the snow but they would be great for puddles too. They are waterproof so that her feet stays dry.

But if these Chucks aren’t for you, don’t worry they have an entire 2015 Holiday collection. Including the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Suede Leather Mix collection – a fun mix of varying weather relevant materials and textures. There is also the kid-friendly patterns, like the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Black Black / White White and Converse Kids Chuck Taylor Plaid collections. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, these fun, playful designs and bold pops of color enable self-expression and authenticity.

The new Holiday 2015 Converse Kids sneaker collection launches for a suggested retail price of $25-$65 USD. They can be purchased at most major shoe retailers or online at

The Holiday Collection is amazing and I plan on getting another pair for the Spring. So this Christmas when you’re shopping around for the kids, don’t forget to put a pair of Converse Kids under the tree. They’ll thank you for it and who wouldn’t want another pair of shoes? If they’re Chucks I know I do!

Let’s discuss: Do you remember wearing your first pair of Chucks? 

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