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As most of you know I was former military. Being in the military means deployments, field duties (not the fun kind) and lots and lots of military training. What that also means is many weeks and sometimes months away from your family. I remember the first time I left my now pre-schooler Madison who is now 3 years old. As a service member we’re given 6 weeks of maternity leave and once those 6 weeks are done, you once again belong to Uncle Sam. My daughter was 3 months old when I was told that we were going to the field for 3 weeks. 3 weeks of not seeing your 3 month old is tough when you’re only a few hundred miles away but it’s nothing compared to those who have left theirs and went to Afghanistan for 9 – 12 month deployments. Yes it does happen. I’ve also spent Thanksgiving and Christmas away from my family. Now I wish that CloudPets™ was around when I was in the army. Why? CloudPets™ is unlike any stuffed animal that you’ve ever encountered. As they say “CloudPets™ is A Message You Can Hug™”, because I can send her a message and she’ll be able to virtually hug me.

At this present time CloudPets™ come in the following animals, bear, puppy, kitty, bunny, and unicorn. Madison loves cats so she decided on the kitty and aptly named her Kitty. You’re going to however need 3AA batteries which are not included. So you’re also probably wondering how does CloudPets™ work? Well it’s really simple. If you go to your app store (Android or Apple) you can find a free app called CloudPets™. Simply download the free app to your smartphone or tablet. I downloaded it to my cellphone and then also downloaded it to Madison’s iPad mini. We registered our CloudPets™ and I was able to send her a message after setting up her kid profile. I was even able to invite her uncle who lives in Canada so that he would be able to send her messages as well. The great thing about this is that as the adult I control who gets invited and I can screen the messages before she even hears them.

CloudPets™ is such an amazing concept.  I love the fact that my message is stored until she decides to delete it. I also love that I can send as many messages as I like and they will all be saved. I really wish I had gotten one of these a long time ago. My mother just passed away a few months ago and I would have loved to hear her voice just one more time. For all the family members that are not close by, this is a great way for them to say “I Love You” so I plan on inviting them all so that they can.

When she’s not listening to messages she’s also playing along on her app. With included games such as Barnyard Sounds, a fun memory game where she has to keep track of each animal sounds, it keeps her mind MOOOving. There are also lullabies when she’s ready for bedtime and fun stories that the entire family can listen to. This is truly the all in one interactive snuggle buddy.

Now while I am no longer active duty there are times that I won’t be around but now Madison knows that I will always be close by thanks to CloudPets™. So don’t miss out on loved ones during the holidays. Bring a CloudPets™ home for the holidays. You can purchase your very special friend at, Amazon, WalMart, ,mmn, and Target. CloudPets™ also offers free shipping to active duty military families.

Just look at how easy it is to use.

Let’s discuss: Which loved one would you love or have loved to get a message from? 

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