Take The Pledge to Make Girls Stronger – #AGForAllGirls

I remember last year seeing an ad “like a girl” and thinking to myself, well that’s a weird thing to say. When American Girl launched their campaign #AGForAllGirls, I decided to ask my son’s the question, “what does it mean to be like a girl”.  The answers that I did get truly shocked me. My 10 year old said “I think it means that you’re not as strong as boys” and my 14 year old said “It means that you’re just different”. It took my 3 year old to say “it means that I’m me”. The boys started laughing but she’s right. To be a girl doesn’t mean that we’re weak, it doesn’t mean that we’re not as good as guys, or that we’re different, it simply means that we’re girls and we can do anything we put our minds to.

American Girl is embarking on a new mission to unite more girls than ever before. The movement encourages the unstoppable force of girls working together and supporting each other. It starts with a new kind of rallying cry: a pledge, inviting girls (and those who champion them ~ from moms, grandmas, dads, grandpas, brothers and friends!) to make to each other as a promise of support and unity.

The concept is grounded in the same core beliefs American Girl has always stood for-to empower girls and help them reach their full potential. They’re just simply expressing it in a way that is more relevant for today. American Girl’s goal is to continue to inspire and celebrate girls and help them recognize the strengths in one another, not just themselves. They want to show girls that individually they are powerful-but, collectively, they are unstoppable!

You can watch the pledge video here:

I hope you’ll join in on this important mission by taking the pledge and I encourage you to share the special strength that you pledge that makes all girls stronger. You can make your pledge at www.americangirl.com/pledge. I pledge that we’re going to be the best “me” there is!   #AGForAllGirls

Let’s discuss: What will your pledge be? 

Here are the ways you can connect with American Girl:

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