Getting My Face Painted at Universal Studios Orlando

It seems like my mommy has taken over my blog. Almost every post for the past couple of weeks has been done by her. Here I was thinking that Growing Up Madison belonged to me but I guess I was wrong. Maybe it’s time we changed the name since I’m almost non-existent lately. Guess that happens when you’re too young to write for yourself and have to depend on a grown up to do it for you. In a few more years I won’t need any help and I can’t wait. I do however feel sorry for her and I’ve let her taken over so that she can feel better about herself. Remember she just lost her mom a few weeks ago, my grandmother, so I guess writing is a way for her to deal with her pain. Well today she has let me do my thing. I recently went on vacation to Florida in the summer and one of the places that we visited was Universal Studios Orlando. You need 2 days to truly experience Universal Orlando and that’s what we did. On both days however I couldn’t leave without getting my face painted and did it at both Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. Now let me show you what I got!

On my day one visit to Universal we decided to go to Universal Studios instead of heading to Island of Adventures. Universal is where you can find the Minions which Island of Adventures is where you can find Harry Potter. That’s the way I like to call it. Universal is also where you won’t want to miss the Superstar Parade. Be sure to get there early and find a great spot. Well after coming out of the Shrek showing I just happened to look across the street and guess what I saw? You got it! A face painting station. There was no way I was going to leave Universal without getting my face painted.

Now my face painter was an absolute professional if I do say so myself. He even had his face painted and his just looked amazing. I had no idea what I wanted to be but I decided finally that I wanted to be a kitty cat. After all kitties are cute and I think I’m cute and you get the idea. Well without fail he started and the end result as you can see in the first picture is what I got, but let me show you his process.

OK so far I’m not really looking like a kitty but it’s not a bad start if you ask me. Well I guess no one did ask me. Mommy said that I looked cute but I wasn’t believing her. This didn’t look anything like the one that I pointed out. Lucky for me he wasn’t finished and I couldn’t wait to see the finished result.

I am so loving this. I felt amazing when it was all over and couldn’t wait to show it off. Now I could experience the park and what it had to offer looking like the glamorous kitty that I was. Then guess what? By the time the day was over I had played and eaten so much that it was almost off my face. It was time to go home and time for bed but I refused to wash my face so mommy allowed me to sleep in it.

The next morning however I did have to get it removed because mommy refused to let me keep it. I also had to take a bath before we headed out to the park once again although I had one the night before. I think it was mommy’s way of getting me to take it off by saying I needed another one. This time however we were going to Island of Adventures and I was going to make sure that I got another one. After all there had to be someone painting faces on the other side of the park right? And I was right! There was! You wouldn’t believe what I wanted to be again. You don’t have to guess I’ll show you.

I was another kitty of course and I’m going to be honest and say that while I loved this one, the first one was my very favorite. So if you ever visit Universal Studios Orlando I suggest getting your face painted. You don’t have to be a kitty like me but I can guarantee that you’ll look lovely if you do. Prices range from $12 – $18 and they are so worth it. I think it was cool and you know who else thought so?

Spiderman said I looked cool too!!

Let’s discuss: Have you ever visited Universal Studios Orlando and what was your favorite thing to do there? 

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