7 Fun Ideas for Your Family Members Birthday

Let’s not be fooled, we all at some point in the year expect and think about our upcoming birthday party. Young or old, anticipation is present because we always strive to make the most out of it. Okay, receiving presents might be the coolest thing, but actually, the focal point is to create a party which everybody would enjoy, have fun and talk about until next year (at least) or more. Here are some fun and witty ideas to throw a memorable and ludicrous birthday party.


Firstly, location plays an important role when planning a party. The most common choice is your own house, since you can then (usually) do whatever you want without restrictions, and you would feel more comfortable, and in the end, it is the cheapest solution. No matter if you are organizing a party for your kid or yourself you should definitely pay attention to the weather so that you know whether to go outside or stay inside. Going to a rented kid-friendly restaurant, recreation center, community hall or any other rent space can be a blast for the kids since they would have everything organized, and your only job is to relax.


It is never a good idea to invite the whole class, or the entire working crew from your office since it is impossible for an individual to know everybody and to be on good terms with them. Choose your guests carefully, invite the other relatives, neighbors and close friends. Don’t go calling somebody for whom you know that is mischievous or disobedient because then you might have a problem or an obligation to monitor their behavior continually. For an adult family member inviting few close friends and taking them to a local pizza place is the most excellent and most amusing idea.


Most surely one of the most important things is also the food. A party menu should be simple but tasty.  Consider ordering pastries from a local bakery, pizza (which is always great), or if you are more creative, you can bake cupcakes at home and decorate them with frosting. A fun idea is to make different shaped mini-sandwiches or canapés which your guest could quickly bite and continue playing. Snacks, popcorns, and crisps are also number one party food, but if you are at your house be aware that you will do the excessive cleaning. And of course, the birthday cake! Whether you make it or order it, it should be something unique that your kids like, or if it is for an older family member make sure that it is the right flavor and with some application on the top, funny or subtle.


To be assured that you would have an amusing bash, games and entertainment are the essential things to consider. If you don’t have the energy to do all the entertaining for the youngsters, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. Children absolutely love shows and tricks, and in Australia, it is a common thing to hire a magician in Sydney and let him (or her) enliven the party. Also, you can get a pull-string pinata for them to let out the energy, or if you are feeling artistic, you can plan some games on your own. From organizing competition games, quizzes and trivia, to more engaging activities such as outdoor ball games, bowling, hide-and-seek, all guarantee tremendous fun. What about karaoke competition? You can choose from a variety of song categories, ranging from traditional folk to standard rock and modern pop, and in that activity be assured that your kids will have a blast.


If you are a creative type, and you don’t want to spend much money, a fantastic thing would be to engage your guests into doing some fun crafts activities which would be a great time filler and a unique experience for everybody. Many crafts can be done at a party, groovy face paint, beautiful coloring, or making a present for the birthday boy or girl out of plasticine or sand dough. Don’t be spooked if they leave a mess, in the end, they can leave their cool drawings and artwork as a present, or you can keep it as a loving memory of this celebration.


Something that catches an eye of every visitor is the general outlook and atmosphere of the party. Fun thing would most surely be to organize a theme party and then decorate it accordingly. Whether for young or old, a theme party is always an exciting solution if you lack ideas. You can go for a Hollywood theme, 1980s dance party, Mexican fiesta or masquerade, all are limitless fun. Another fun idea is to go with traditional everyday decorations, balloons, confetti, vintage paper lanterns or place decorative garland.


Even though children’s parties require much brainstorming, party ideas for other family members can be demanding to organize. The most important thing is to have enough alcoholic drinks for a fun night, you can go to a local pub or restaurant, preferably at the weekend, or just order a takeaway and watch a comedy movie with close friends. Sometimes the best idea is to wait for the day when everybody is free and go out to a club.

A birthday party is an annual event so you can alter and bring about these ideas every year differently. Just make sure that you have great music, fun games, tasty food and enough drinks.

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