Facts On Cremation That You Should Be Aware Of

Facts On Cremation That You Should Be Aware Of

Funerals and death are emotionally difficult situations to deal with. There are a lot of things that are on your mind. This is not just limited to the loss of a loved one but extends to having to deal with the stresses and details of organizing the services, wake and visitation arrangements, and what to do after, whether you are choosing a burial or cremation. Not everyone is aware of their options. Here are some facts regarding cremation that people should be aware of.

Environmental Factors

There are some environmental factors that may be considered when talking about cremations. Because a lot of heat and fuel are required to burn or cremate bodies, this can have a toll on the environment. With such burning procedures, a lot of carbon dioxide gases are released into the atmosphere, although many crematoriums have looked into alternative ways to go about the process to keep their carbon emissions low and their carbon footprint small. 

Cremation is Cheaper than Burial 

The financial variances between a traditional burial and a cremation weigh much more towards the cremation if you are looking at what is less expensive. There are many costs that go into a funeral, and cremation will be roughly a quarter of the total cost of a burial. Tarrant County residents are often looking for a reliable provider for cremation services in Fort Worth to honor their loved one’s final wishes. With a traditional burial, a lot of the costs go into the purchase of the casket itself, as well as the headstone and cemetery fees.

With cremation, the urn is a much cheaper alternative that comes in just as many variations, viewable if you click here, in comparison with caskets. Urns also come with the added benefit of being able to be transported and kept around if you choose or house at a different memorial site. However, if you are not sure which process is right for you, it is also an option to have the body cremated as well as buried in a cemetery.

Shifting Preference

Throughout the years, traditional burials were the most popular method of housing and saying goodbye to your loved ones. Over recent years, however, there has been a shift in preference. Since about the middle of the last decade, in 2015, many people are choosing to go the route of cremation for their loved ones over traditional burials. The significant costs of a funeral, the lack of space in cemeteries, or the difficulty of finding a plot, as well as the convenience of cremation, may all be contributing factors to why this change has occurred.

Regardless of the reasoning, it looks like the trajectory for the future has cremations being heavily favored over traditional funeral procedures.

Facts On Cremation That You Should Be Aware Of

How Long Does it Take?

Cremation is not a fast process. To fully cremate a body, it can take upwards of two or three hours. Most people assume it is a short process, but the human body will take some time to fully burn and turn the remains into “ash.” It takes a lot of heat to fully burn up a body, so it is best to factor in that time during a cremation.

It’s Not Actually Ash in Your Urn

The reason people refer to the cremated remains of a lost loved one is that many associate the term with fire, as it turns other materials into ash. The remains, however, are the bones of your loved ones in powdered form. The bones do not burn down into an ash form, so instead, they are ground until they are a fine powder that can be stored and carried in the respective urns.

The Remains are Heavier than You Think

Once cremated, many people store the ashes or remains in an urn. These urns don’t appear to be very large but are indeed much heavier than many expect them to be. They will obviously weigh much less than the weight of the person who has passed but will be about five percent of the person’s weight. That may not seem to be much, but most people are surprised upon lifting or carrying the urn for the first time. It is the equivalent of carrying around a bag of sand.

In Conclusion

When situations feel out of control, it can help to better understand them. Having to deal with decision-making after losing a loved one is tough. It is best to have some understanding and research done to better make a decision involving your loved ones and those that would have the burden of having to handle such a loss. This can make the process easier to handle in difficult times.

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