Why You Should Opt For An Afro Hair Transplant This New Year

When it comes to the world of hair, there is no one hair type exempt from risks of hair loss. As pressure grows regarding how we look, more and more women with the afro hair type are looking into the procedure as a solution to their hair loss. Whether you’re looking into the increasingly popular afro hair transplant in Turkey, or you’re looking for something local, we’re looking into why you should opt for a hair transplant this New Year, below.

Advancements In Technology

The growth of technology in the cosmetic surgery industry has seen countless improvements, but in the world of hair transplants, this has manifested in advanced techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This technique sees grafts extracted from and implanted into the scalp at a faster rate with a lower likelihood of damage being caused to the tip of the follicle.

Due to the streamlined process, there are many ways that this can benefit you as the patient if you are opting for an afro hair transplant as your grafts can be taken quickly. Due to the curly nature of the grafts, it is important that they are implanted with space between them to ensure that they have time to settle with the required space.

This improvement in hair transplant technology not only means that the surgery can be completed as quickly as possible, with the surgeon taking the graft from the hair and a practitioner imputing it into the scalp, but that afro hair is certainly no longer exempt from these procedures. As understanding and technique have improved, even the unique features of afro hair can be extracted and replaced using FUE when in the hands of a trusted surgeon.

Decreased Downtime

During the FUE transplant, the surgeon will only use tiny incisions for the implant, and as a result, there is less damage done to the surface of the scalp. This comes as a benefit to the patient as this allows for the scalp to heal much faster than the traditional FUT method, which involved taking a strip of hair and using this to implant grafts into the affected area.

With smaller incisions and shorter healing time, the downtime required for a hair transplant is minimal. In fact, many patients can get back on their feet and back to everyday life within just hours of the surgery.

Outstanding Results

With technological advancements usually comes improvements, and this is certainly the case with hair transplants. The FUE method of transplant has allowed men and women with afro hair types to undergo the procedure and gain natural-looking results with ease. Trusted, experienced and accredited surgeons will do more than just transplant your hair from one spot to another – they’ll do so in a pattern of growth that fits your current style, meaning that as the follicles begin to produce hair again, they’ll do so in a way that blends in with the surrounding strands.

With a wide range of hair transplant options available there are a number of ways that you can combat hair loss and have your life back on track in no time at all. Will you give it a try this New Year?

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