CVS Supports Military Families through Operation Homefront – #TheCVSDifference

For the past couple of months I’ve been sharing with you why I love CVS Pharmacy. It’s not just the app that saves me money, or their minute clinics that helps save time, and we all know that time and money are valuable. It’s the things that they do for the community and this one is something that is very dear to my heart. As most of you know, I just retired from the US Army and my family is still considered a military family, after all we still carry around a DOD (Department of Defense) ID cards. When I heard the news that CVS announced their partnership with the national nonprofit Operation Homefront, I just had to share it with you.

Operation Homefront provides both long and short term support to military families through their Star Spangled Babies baby shower program. It’s a program that helps provide baby showers to service members and their growing families. Believe it or not, having a baby when you’re in the military is not an easy feat. Remember, most of these families are far away from family and friends. I remember when I was pregnant with Madison, I was in an unfamiliar state with no friends or family near by. Something such as this would have made me feel so much better and I applaud them for this.

This new partnership will also provide welcome home baskets that include house essentials to families entering the Homes on the Homefront program. This program also provides mortgage-free and financial training to military families, putting them on the path to achieving the American Dream that they served to protect.

I am always in support of any company that takes the time to acknowledge the sacrifices that our military men AND women have made for our country. A lot of people seem to forget that women do serve. It’s why CVS Pharmacy has my utmost support and I hope that they have yours too!

So locate your nearest CVS pharmacy, and don’t forget most are now in your local Target stores, download the CVS Pharmacy app (which is available for both Apple and Android), and start saving today!

Let’s discuss: What do you love most about your CVS Pharmacy? 

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