Mischievous Monday

Today we have joined up with with one of our favorite blogs Southern Mess Mom to do the Mischievous Blog Hop.  You can join in on the fun of our blog hop by clicking HERE.

Do you have a mischievous moment that you want to share with us. Just leave it in the comments below so that we can all read it. I like to hear what other little ones are up to so its not just me. I can’t be the only mischievous one right? I don’t think so!

Here is my moment, actually I have quite a few moments. There’s never a moment that goes by that I’m not doing something mischievous and it usually includes my partner in crime Kitty but mommy wanted to share this one. Don’t ask me why because it’s really embarrassing.

Well Kitty has been trying to hide from me lately. Apparently she doesn’t like it anymore when I put her in time-out, or place her in a box and close the lid, try to lay on her or simply just pull her tail. Why doesn’t she like it? After all its fun for me, it should be fun for her too right? Well Kitty doesn’t seem to think so anymore.

Kitty looking at my feet. I’m sure she wanted to bite them. 

Kitty tried hiding from me under one of my toy as if I couldn’t see her. Well it turned out that it was a pretty good hiding spot because when I tried getting under there I got stuck. Mommy of course had to take a picture before helping me. Now what kind of mommy does that? The camera happy kind apparently.

Mommy I need help!!

It turned out that I wasn’t actually stuck. I just didn’t realize that I couldn’t just sit up but had to crawl out the way I crawled in to try and grab Kitty. I’m sure Kitty was having a very good laugh at my dilemma as well. She’s starting to turn into a mean Kitty. After all I just wanted to give her a big hug! Well not really but that’s just between me and you.

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