Tips for Taking your Toddler to the Movies

Today mommy and I and my big brother went to see Monsters University. Last week we went to see Despicable Me 2 and I can surely tell you that both movies were amazing.

Well actually can I really tell you that? If I’m totally honest I fell asleep within 20 minutes of both movies starting but I did wake up before the end of Monsters University which is something I didn’t do for Despicable Me 2. Why do they make the previews so long? I would prefer to get to the movies and go right to the movie. 20 minutes of previews is not my idea of fun.

This obviously is not my first movie visit so today mommy and I want to give you a few tips for talking your toddler to the movies.

Most parents with toddlers prefer the early morning show called the early bird show. We recommend taking your toddler to these showing since other toddlers will be there and other moms will understand when we start fussing or talking. We may have also just gotten up from a nap and will be all fresh and ready to go. Unlike me, I go to sleep at the movies whether I’ve just had a nap or not. We’ve also noticed that weekdays are much better than weekends as well.

The bathroom if you’re potty training should be your first stop. Make that first potty break so that you’re not getting up in the middle of the movie. If your toddler doesn’t want to use the bathroom I suggest choosing a seat that’s near the aisle so you can make a quick break for it if needed.

If possible skip the concession stand. We know that popcorn smells delicious and so does the other food that’s there. Here’s the good thing about being with a toddler. More than likely you’re going to have a diaper bag. Know what that means? You can bring your own healthier snacks for us to eat. Mommy normally pack my bag with 100% juices and snacks. It’s not only healthier for you but it’s going to save you some money too. Have you seen the price of popcorn at the movies lately?

Another thing to consider is the rating of the movie. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of G-rated movies available and although most PG-rated movie might be appropriate you may want to read the reviews. Mommy and I have found that visiting IMDB before going to see a movie helps. You don’t want any unexpected scares, and that brings us to our final tip.

If your toddler is afraid of the dark then a movie theatre might not be the place you want to go. The theatre becomes dark once the feature starts and that may scare your toddler. You can always wait until the movie comes out on DVD and watch it together at home.

 Well we hope that we’ve been helpful and if you were looking for spoilers for Monsters University we’re sorry to disappoint. Mommy says spoilers aren’t nice.

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