Splash into Summer: Backyard Water Safety

Today’s post is part of the Splash Into Summer series put together by a great group of bloggers. Each week the participating bloggers will be sharing seven posts related to a specific summer theme. This week’s theme is Water Fun, and today I’m sharing a bit about Backyard Water Safety.

Caution: Fun but can also be very dangerous

Ok so it’s the summer and most people have a pool in their backyard, whether its a huge built in pool or a small inflatable one like mommy and daddy got this year to replace the huge one we had last year, we need to think about pool/water safety.

I’m sure most parents know that toddlers and babies, yes toddlers such as myself can drown in as little as two inches (six centimeter) of water so guess what that means? Constant supervision is a must! That doesn’t mean that you let me play in the water while you chat on your phone or talk to your friends. It means constant eyes on me at all times and preferably I must be within arms reach.

Know what goes hand in hand with that? Learning and knowing CPR. Luckily for me since my mommy is a medic in the US Army she is CPR certified but you can also become certified. The American Red Cross offers classes to get you certified which will afford you some piece of mind.

Flotation devices and arm floaties are a great idea and fun to use but never rely on them completely to keep your little one safe.

Floaties are an option but don’t rely on them for your child’s safety

Never leave your infant or toddler alone in any source of water. I know a lot of you say…

“I’d never do that!”

You’re waiting on that important phone call and your phone rings and you realize that it’s indoors. Instead of leaving for just that “1 minute” that you say it will take for you to run and grab it, please grab me and my little friends first and take us with you. It only takes one minute for something to go wrong. Keep your phone with you.

Supervision at all times! 

Make sure that the play area around the pool is clear of toys and any other item that can trip your little one. Also if you do have toys around be sure to remove them after you’re done so your little one isn’t tempted to go back and play with them around the pool. A cover for your pool is also recommended.

If you do have a built in permanent pool, make sure that you have a fence that is AT LEAST 4 feet tall enclosing it with a self latching gate that is out of our reach so we can’t open them ourselves. Also make sure that there is nothing around for your toddler, especially the daredevil ones like me to climb up on to get over and remember to always lock the gate after every use.

Once again we advocate wearing protective covering such as a sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses. The temperature of the water is important too. Toddlers especially me,  do not generally like cold water and would prefer if the water is warm, remember our body temperature drops more quickly when we’re in water so if we start shivering get us out. So have that towel nearby.

Have an enjoyable Summer! 

I hope I was able to share a bit of what mommy and I have learned about water safety with you. Be safe and have an amazing summer!

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