Real Kids Shades Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

As most of you know who have been reading my blog for a while. I’m a huge advocate of protecting us little ones when it comes to the sun with sunscreen, headgear and sunglasses. A lot of you adults remember to cover us up with sunscreen but forget how important it is to protect our little eyes. Sunglasses are actually sunscreen for our eyes!

The Real Kids Shades Company decided to send me a few of their sunglasses to review and not just for me but for my brothers as well. You see Real Kids Shades are available for kids ages 0-12 so today is a real treat. You get to see some other members of my family. My big brother Kyle who is 12 and my brother Mikael who is 8 and autistic.

Kyle, Me and Mikael

Now, first let’s talk about the stylish sunglasses and hat that I’m wearing. I’m wearing the Sunhat Combo in Pink but this also comes in blue and is available from ages 0-24 months. It does come with an adjustable strap so that it will stay on. I admit I do have a big head so this may not last too long with me. I’m 17 months and it still fits so this is perfect for this summer but come next summer I’m going to need something bigger. I only wished it went up to age 3 instead of 24 months.

The sunglasses are very comfy on my face and the band is adjustable so I know when my head gets bigger it will still fit. My hat may be too small but my sunglasses will still fit. Did you know that my sunglasses were designed with the help of a pediatric ophthalmologist for optimal fit, comfort, and safety? I didn’t but now that I do I feel even better wearing them. They are also shatterproof and impact-resistant so daredevils like me have no fear of them shattering and hurting our eyes.

Having fun wearing my Real Kids Shades & Hat Combo

Now Mikael is wearing the Real Kids Shades Extreme Convertible in red which is his favorite color. He is autistic and has a very severe speech impediment but he’s also very loving although he doesn’t love me too much. He thinks that I’m annoying. He chose his sunglasses himself and I must say that it looks great on him. His also has 100% UV protection for his eyes but his has a really cool feature. His can be used as a wraparound sunglasses or without the wrap. That’s why its called convertible.

Mikael loves the color red and orange

Do you see the cushion on the inside of Mikael’s sunglasses that’s extra protection for his eyes as well.

Cushion for his eyes? Yup! They thought of everything! It even came in this great case as well so he can put it away safely when his day is over.

Yep, that’s foam padding around the eyes. 

Now Kyle thinks that he’s rather cool. He’s 12 and likes to play basketball and video games. He decided to get the Real Kids Shades Blade. I think he thought he was going to look like Neo or Agent Smith in the Matrix. Almost but not quite. These do have that edgy look to them and are shatterproof as well. Do you think he can bend like the Matrix or is it Bend it like Beckham?

“Real Kids Shades is currently working with Prevent Blindness America to educate the public on the importance of protecting children’s eyes. All Real Kids Shares are third-party tested to provide 100% UVA/UVB protection as measured by the strictest American, European, and Australian governing bodies. They’re CPSIA compliant, CE certified, and FDA approved, are lead free with no bisphenol A or phthalates. Oh, and they’re really cute.”

Real Kids Shades has an article that I strongly encourage EVERY parent to read called Protecting Your Childs Eyes.

You can connect with the Real Kids Shades Company via their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube pages.

Remember, sunglasses are not an accessory but a necessity so now on to our giveaway.

Giveaway is open to US residents and the winner receives their choice of sunglasses from Real Kids Shades and will be randomly chosen by PunchTab. Winner will have 48hrs to respond to the email sent from PunchTab. Giveaway prize is sponsored and will be delivered by the Real Kids Shades company. Good luck!

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