Throwback Thursday: The Cardboard Box

My 18 month birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks and I just realized that I’ve never really spoken much about what it’s really like to be me. What it’s like growing up in a household of big people. I’m the baby of the family with an 8 year difference between me and my youngest brother. Why mommy, why? Do you know what that means? In a few years I’ll be the only one living at home and I’ll only have grumpy mommy and daddy to talk to.

Ok I’m not liking that picture at all. I guess that I’m going to have to cause major mayhem before they all disappear so they will always remember me. Can they even forget me? I’m not that forgettable am I? I really don’t think so.

Well before you my loyal readers forget about me I’m going to use Thursdays as my Throwback Thursday so what can you expect? You can expect a photo or a video of me and a little story of what I was doing at that time, how old I was and maybe through that you might get to know me a little better. What do you think of that? I think that’s awesome, actually it’s epically awesome!

I didn’t realize how hard this would be when I started this because guess what? Mommy has lots, and I mean LOTS of photos of me. Funny because she only has a handful of herself. I guess mommy likes being behind and not in front of the camera.

Anyway I think I found the perfect picture for today.

I rather play with an empty box

Not sure how many of you saw that famous picture of me having my foot stuck in a box but I stopped trying to get my foot out to watch TV. Well surely that wasn’t the beginning of my love of empty boxes and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the end. I was 13 months old when this photo was taken. What was I doing? Using my imagination of course. Maybe I was thinking of shipping myself off to somewhere exotic. 

Did you know that the Cardboard Box was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2005? And here mommy was thinking that the toy that came in the box was better, when this cardboard box is in fact a toy and way better in my opinion. 

When I’m in my box I can be anyone or anything. I can let my imagination run wild, after all I’ve been told that us little kids don’t get to use our imagination that much anymore because of all the technology that we have surrounding us. So what better way to pretend than in a box. The box can be my Ferrari that I’m going to own one day, or even my castle and I’m the princess. A toddler can dream right? 

So let your toddler build their creativity and let their imagination run wild. Don’t throw that box away the next time you get one. Let your little ones use it and let their imaginations soar. After all why would you throw out a Hall of Fame Toy?

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