Creative Lessons You Can Learn From Kids

In our everyday lives we tend to forget some of the basic principles that are taught to us as children and young adults. We manage to find ourselves so intertwined with our work, relationships, friendships, family – we often overlook some of the things that matter most to us. As adults, we are constantly on the never ending search to find our own happiness, and while we are looking within other areas of our lives – we never tend to see what is right in front of us. This type of mindset causes an anxiety within us that can sometimes be unsettling, until we are able to find a suitable solution.

If you have a child or children in your family, you know there can be some trying times that add to the normal stress levels that you may have. Kids are a great way for us to heighten our awareness, as well as anxiety. And while sometimes children in your life can push you until your very last nerve is ready to explode – they can also teach us valuable lessons. When your child is running around on the playground, or in the back yard, and doesn’t seem to hear a word you say – don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Instead – view it with perception.

Let’s use some examples of how you can learn creative lesson from a child. Let’s say that your child is running around in the backyard, and you’ve asked them to stop running multiple times. Instead of letting the fear of your child falling worry you to the point of having a few more gray hairs – instead think of it as exercise. Exercise may not always be healthy for a child, but it sure it fun for them. Running and playing, being free from any worry – makes the child feel as though nothing can stop them from having a good time. We ourselves tend to forget this very concept as adults. Instead – we set ourselves on a routine to get our exercise that we need. Learn from your child and go run and skip, or jump in puddles. The healthy exercise you get from it only helps you to be a kid again.

Imagine if you will, your child is sitting on the floor in front of you trying to put a square block in a round hole. They may sit there for hours attempting a feat that will never happen. There is a lesson that can be learned from this – and that is, that children tend not to beat themselves up over failures. As adults, our necessity to over think things and internally beat ourselves up stops us from allowing ourselves to grow. Take the silent advice of your child and learn that mistakes will happen, but those mistakes do not have to be the end of the world as we know it.

Think back for a moment and remember when your child was just a toddler. You played the ever so popular game of “peek-a-boo” with them. After a while, your child may have begun to imitate your actions – joining in on the fun. The lessons our children learn stem from the actions they see around us. Use this creative lesson you learn from your child to your advantage. If you wish to thrive in success – adapt your surroundings to the very people you admire for their success. If you wish to live a healthier life – become close friends with those who are living it. Imitation is a form of flattery – learn from it.

Watching your child laugh at what may appear to be some of the craziest things – makes your heart feel warm, and a slight part of you inside knows you’ve done well in helping raise your child. But this very act of laughter can be a great way to learn from your child. If your child is giggling in the moment, engage with your child to keep those giggles flowing. In turn, you are learning to laugh at yourself and moving forward with what comes your way. Teach yourself that you can laugh – and it’s okay to do so.

Your child has an active imagination, which sometimes can be one that holds their attention for hours on end. They have the ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for any problem they may face. Think of a young boy who makes a ramp for his bike, or a girl who uses a cardboard box for a doll house. This thinking outside the box can help you achieve new goals within your life. Take this lesson they offer and let it help you be someone who achieves further success.

When you look at your child in a moment of being happy, or sad, you can tell right away what they may be feeling. There’s no hiding it for them. That’s because they haven’t been influenced from outside sources about how to express their feelings. As adults, that completely changes – because of fear that we envision within our minds. We hide our feelings in fear of rejection, or anger, remorse or even disappointment. Learning to live like your child does and be free with your emotions teaches you a valuable lesson that can help you grow in relationships and in business.

One thing that serves as a reminder for us is to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. Your children teach you this every day. They may enjoy time on the computer, or watching a silly cartoon, or chasing the puppy around the house for a couple of minutes. Laughter usually ensues when they do. This very simple lesson we see continuously, and usually overlook – gives us the ability to remember that life doesn’t always have to be complicated. Enjoy what you have and you will begin to appreciate it more.

Your child may now be at that age where they have a “BFF”. Someone they admire and adore, and always want to spend time with. Your child is actually creating life’s memories and forever bonds. These moments are moments that will forever be a vision within their head. But this very moment can teach you to establish a foundation that you can learn from. An understanding that sometimes in our lives we have very busy schedules, but we always need to make time for the people who matter most to us. It could be family, or friends, or a spouse. Either way – that bonding relationship establishes a foundation of trust and communication, which can lead to a more productive life.

And finally, think of when your child may be playing with something and then all of a sudden switch gears and want to play with something else. Your child rarely ever plans the things they want to do – they just do it. While sometimes this can drive you crazy – it’s a creative lesson you can learn from your child. Being spontaneous allows you to feel free and active. It stimulates your brain and allows your creativity and imagination to shine when you feel like you need it most. This very lesson is one that all of us should learn from – after all, we are usually too busy being a parent.

Don’t let your child’s activities fool you. Pay attention to what they say or do and understand that it’s your own perception that will help to keep you sane. Understanding that children being themselves can teach us to be better people as well. The lessons we overlook every day are ones that can reconnect us to the person we want to be, a healthier and happier you.

Let’s discuss: What lessons have your own kids taught you?

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