How to Motivate your Kid to do Chores

Getting your kid to do chores can totally be a battle, if you let it be. The first key to success in motivating your kid to do chores is to really think about how you would respond when someone uses a particular tone or particular words to get you motivated. What words will help you become motivated to do what task is being asked of you? Kids may be our little ones to raise, guide and mold into proper adults, but they still respond in similar ways that adults do, so it’s no wonder many parents are frustrated with the task to get their kids motivated to do chores. Just like adults, kids would much rather do something they enjoy than spend the day completing tedious tasks.

If you are stuck in a rut in guiding your kid to be motivated to complete chores, we have the solution for you with these tips on how to motivate your kids to do chores, without a battle:

Create a Reward System
– enable a reward system in your home, start by having your kids earn special privileges. For example, if your kids want to play on the computer or a gaming console, let them complete a specific chore in order to gain “x” amount of time on that electronic device. With younger children you can implement a sticker reward system, as they tend to still have that gold star theory of thinking.

Stop Everything Until Chore Completed
– this is the easiest solution to stop the battle that can ensue between parent and kid. Be consistent with your expectations regarding chores, have everything in the kid’s life stop until their chores are completed. Allow them to sit in a room with no distractions as they think about which is the better option; completing said chores or sitting there doing absolutely nothing.

Consistency and Structure
– kids are highly motivated to complete chores when they know what to expect. Create a poster board or magnetic chore chart for your kids. Be sure to stay on top of having the chores listed on this chart and be consistent in your expectations that the tasks are completed prior to any fun happening. Once the chores are completed you can use the reward system so that they feel self-pride and want to do chores more often.

Work With Their Natural Instincts
– you know your kid best, so work with your kid’s natural instincts. Pay attention to what motivates each of your kids and work that to your benefit. When you create chores that are based on strengths of your kid, they are more apt to do the chores. Learn what words and rewards will work best for your kid and use that to your advantage when assigning consistent expectations in the department of chore duties.

There are many ways to motivate kids to do chores, it really comes down to learning what your kid’s natural abilities are, what works to motivate each of them and how well they are at completing specific chores. Motivating your child to do chores can be an easy process if you follow these key tips listed here as a means to push forward on a mission to raise well-rounded, respectable kids.

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