Nuk-USA Toddler Tableware Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

When mommy and I received our box in the mail from Nuk-USA we were pleasantly surprised that it included everything a toddler would need when sitting down at the table. The following tableware is from the Gerber Graduates line and the ones we will be reviewing are recommended for ages 12-36 months but you can use them way that past age.

Mommy has been looking for a sippy cup that doesn’t spill, doesn’t have a lot of parts to clean and we are happy to say that this one fits the bill. This is the Gerber Graduate Advance Developmental Cup and is for age 12m+. It does come with a hard spout and a unique control valve. This claimed to be spill-proof, leak-proof and break proof. Guess what? We put it to the test and we can absolutely say that it is indeed spill and leak proof. I’ve also dropped it and it hasn’t broken either.

Just one piece to clean. Yay!
The true test! No spill

I’m accustomed to drinking from juice boxes or anything with straws. I haven’t drunk from a bottle in over 5 months and mommy thought that I would have had problems drinking from this cup but there was no problem at all. I drunk it like a champ!

We then tried out the Active Snacker. This came with a snap on lid and a removable handle so that we could use it in our stroller while traveling. We loved that the opening is made with soft rubber so it doesn’t hurt my hand when I’m trying to get my snacks out. This is spill proof only to a certain extent. We noticed that because the soft rubber opening were indeed soft that it only took a little pressure if I’m holding it upside down for my snacks to fall out. They also fell out if I shake it violently as well. As long as I’m using it normally like I should then this works out fine. If only I could do that.

Active snacker with snap on lid, soft opening and removable handle
Once again no spill while holding it upside down
Love my cup and snacker

Next we got to use the Kiddy Cutlery Fork Set and once again we were pleasantly surprised. Mommy has never let me use any forks other than those made of melamine before this so she was hesitant to give it to me but she should not have been worried. The edges aren’t sharp and it makes it easy for me to pick my food up. I just need to practice on my grasp and I should be fine. These are great for your little toddler hands because they’re not too big and not too small and the rubber gripping makes it slip free.

My pasta was delicious and I was able to use my own special fork

This last thing is not only perfect for toddlers but for everyone, even you grown ups. Remember when I said that these stated from age 12-36 months but can be used much later. Well this is one of those products that definitely can be. This is the Mealtime Organizer but can be used in numerous ways besides just organizing your meals. 

Compartments to store whatever you want
Customized with my photo to make it all mine! 

Know one the greatest feature of this. It can be personalized. Mommy and I placed my photo in there so that everyone could see that it belonged to me. It comes with individual compartments that you can use to place your snacks, sandwiches, fruits or anything that you want. If you want something to store your crayons then this is also a great place to store them. Grown-ups if you want a place to store whatever you store then this is for you too. We think that the name should be changed from Mealtime Organizer to the Organizer. 

Here’s a note from their website about the Gerber Graduates products and we have to say we agree fully!

Gerber Graduates helps you foster your child’s independent feeding with a full line of tableware products that are designed with little hands in mind. The high-quality, virtually indestructible tableware products includes sippy cups, plates, bowls and utensils will delight children and last meal after meal. 

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