How Tweet! Meet the Little Live Pets Birds

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I was born in a household that has pets. As long as I can remember there was always a pet close by. When I was born mommy had a mean old white Persian cat by the name of Snowflake that hated everyone. She passed away before I turned a year old and mommy and my siblings decided to replace her with a beautiful Himalayan that we named Kitty. You can see how original my siblings are, they couldn’t think of a name. Kitty became my partner in crime and you may have seen her in a photo or two. I also had a Maltese named Dolce and my trusted Shih-Tzu Gizmo. That has since changed and I now live with one dog and three cats. While two of those cats are kittens and may not be with us much longer, nothing has stopped us asking for more pets. My brothers want a pet spider or snake, and so does daddy, while my sister thinks that she wants to have a beta fish. She thinks that they are easier to take care of. Well when it comes to having a pet that is easy to take care of, nothing beats the Little Live Pets from Moose Toys. There are currently Little Live Pets Butterflies and Little Live Pets Birds.

Mommy decided in her infinite wisdom that we had enough pets and that no more was going to be introduced. At least none that my siblings had to actually take care of. They are very lazy and hate taking the dog for a walk or even changing the kitty litter. It’s almost always left for mommy to do so no more pets for them. I got lucky! I was sent the Little Live Pets Bird Beauty Bella in Cage and was super happy.

The Little Live Pets birds truly do look like the real thing and sound like the real thing too. He comes with 2AAA batteries already installed so he’s ready to play right out of the package. He does have an on/off switch to conserve battery life. He is made of soft suede-like material making him soft to the touch and he is also very easy to use.

They make 30 different real life bird sounds and ‘sings’ popular songs that your little ones and you will know. Stroking him on his back makes him chirp and his beak even moves when he chirps. The longer you pet him the more he chirps and sings. He does have a button on his chest that you can push to record up to 10 seconds of your voice for him to playback. I enjoyed pushing the button and saying “my name is Madison” and he repeated it back to me. The chest button also wakes him if he falls asleep.

Now the Little Live Pets Beauty Bella’s cage is able to hold two birds on the perch and they are also sold separately. The birds that is and not the cages, so you can have two birds that will make it even more fun to play with. While he is recommended for ages 5+ he can be used with a younger child with adult supervision.

Since these pets are made of suede-like material they can become dirty, but you can clean them with a damp cloth and mild detergent making sure they stay clean. Do not immerse in water since it’s an electronic and can break if you do that.

Check out the Little Live Pets Bird in action:

I enjoy playing with my Little Live Pets Beauty Bella and can’t wait to try out the Little Live Pets Butterflies. Mommy also promised that she’ll get me another bird so that Bella can have a friend. I can’t wait until she does. These pets make a great addition to a household that doesn’t want to own pets, but want to teach their little ones the responsibility of owning one. No cages to clean and no pets to be fed or walked. It doesn’t get any better than that! They are lots of fun and I can’t get enough of them. It’s the reason why they get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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