How to Keep Your Kids from Guessing Their Christmas Gifts

How to Keep Your Kids from Guessing Their Christmas Gifts

The Christmas decorations are out and the tree is up. It’s definitely time to start wrapping those gifts and putting them under the Christmas tree! By wrapping gifts early and putting them under the Christmas tree, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress during the days leading up to Christmas. Although there’s something special about seeing a Christmas tree with gifts stacked around it, this can pose a problem if you have older children.

As kids get older, their anticipation for Christmas can cause them to start guessing their Christmas gifts. Of course, you want these gifts to be a surprise, making these tips essential during the holiday season. One of our traditions is to hide a few of our gifts and have a scavenger hunt the day before Christmas. It’s not only fun but it can also become one of your traditions as well. So here are a few ways you can do it.

How to Keep Your Kids from Guessing Their Christmas Gifts

Use Boxes

Unfortunately, the shape of some gifts tends to give away what’s under the wrapping paper. To help prevent your kids from guessing their gifts, wrap all of their gifts in boxes. The uniformity will prevent them from using the shape or size to match their gifts to the toys on their wish lists.

Get Sneaky

It’s ok to be a little sneaky during the holiday season. A great way to keep your kids from guessing their gifts is to add things to the box to make them feel differently. Add some rocks or weights inside the box for a light toy, making it feel heavy instead. You can even roll gifts in towels before wrapping them so they feel more like clothes instead of toys.

Wrap a Picture

Let’s face it. There’s really no way to wrap a bike so that it looks like something else. There are just some gifts that are impossible to hide what they really are. If you have an obvious gift like this, you might want to consider wrapping a picture of this item. Instead of wrapping the bike, take a photo and put it in a picture frame, when your child unwraps the picture, you can roll the item out from a hidden place.

Number Gifts

If you have multiple children, you can keep your kids from guessing their Christmas gifts by numbering them instead of writing their names on them. Give each of your kids a secret number that will be revealed only on Christmas morning. Write this number on the gift tag instead of their names so that they don’t even know which gifts will be theirs! This allows you to put all of their gifts under the tree without worrying that they’ll know what they’re getting.

These are all great tips you can use to help keep your kids from guessing their Christmas gifts.

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