Kohls Cares This Christmas with Nancy Tillman

We have been working along with the Kohl’s Cares team for quite some time now so while I was surprised to see a box on my doorstep on my arrival home one day, it was no shock that we got it. I’m not only a huge fan of Kohl’s but also of their Kohl’s Cares program. They say charity begins at home and this is one charity that we give to every time a collection comes out. This Christmas season the collection is one that I was very excited about. Why? It features one of our favorite artists. I remember when Madison was born, one of the very first book I bought her, along with Goodnight Moon, was On the Night You Were born by none other than author/illustrator Nancy Tillman. If only you could have seen our excitement when it was announced that her books were going to be featured. From now through December at Kohl’s stores nationwide and on Kohls.com you can find 4 of her cherished books, including one that was recently released along with their coordinating soft plushes. Each Kohl’s Cares item is priced at just $5, with 100% of the net profit supporting children’s health and education initiative nationwide. They make not just great stocking stuffers but can also be gift wrapped and placed right under the tree.

The new Kohl’s Cares collection includes:

1. “On the Night You Were Born” book and polar bear soft toy.
I think this is by far one of her more popular book and one I always suggest to have in your little one’s library. We already own this book so we will be re-gifting this to a friend and I just know that they’ll love it.

2.  “I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love” book and giraffe soft toy.
I remember pre-ordering this one when I found out that Nancy Tillman was publishing another book. Since it is fairly new I had to order it in hardcover unlike the board books I had before. I even reached out to her and she was so nice to respond as to when it will become available in the board book edition. As with all her books this is also well written. This is another that we will be re-gifting.

3. Color Me Christmas! note card set.
Now this is one that I was excited to receive. We don’t do much Christmas cards and when we do, they’re not really personal. For those in my family, this is what you’ll be getting this Christmas personalized from Madison. You’ve been warned.

4.  Blake Shelton Christmas CD.
OK I am going to admit that I had NO IDEA who Blake Shelton was. I even posted on Facebook trying to figure out who he was. Found out that he’s a country singer. Well duh! That’s why I’ve never heard of him. I’m a New York City girl and the closest we come to country is probably watching CMT on TV, which I also have to admit that I’ve never watched. I did listen to his songs and they are amazing. This is going to be played at Christmas and if you’re a Blake Shelton fan, I would suggest running to Kohl’s to pick this up. After all it’s only $5 and you’ll be helping out kids nationwide.

Now these others weren’t included in my gift box and I loved this new Kohls Cares collection so much that I called my store, which is about 8 minutes away, to find out if it was available in the store. I was told that they would be putting them out the very next day. The very next day at 9am I was there waiting to get the rest of the collection which is as follows:-

5.  “You’re Here for a Reason” book and elephant soft toy.
I didn’t own this one so it was good to be able to pick it up along with the plush of course. Madison loves her elephant and we now have another Nancy Tillman book to read.

6.  “Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You” book and panda bear soft toy.
I’m not sure why we never owned this one but this is another classic.

7. Holiday Delights! cookbook. This one was all for me.
I got the cookbook from last year and the recipes in there are amazing. I’ve actually tried a few and this one I’m hoping to be able to try a few more. How often can you find a cookbook that’s only $5? Not very often if ever.

8. There is also a Kohls Care’s 2016 Nancy Tillman Calendar but unfortunately my store didn’t have it in stock. Good news is that I’m able to purchase it online and have it shipped to me.

I truly believe that all kids deserve an education and healthcare which is why I always support the Kohls Cares program. While I’m getting something in return in terms of the merchandise, kids nationwide are getting something too. Remember 100% of all the proceeds support programs that benefit children’s health initiatives and education. For more information about Kohl’s Cares, visit www.Kohls.com/Cares.

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