Upcoming Fashion Trends to Look for in 2021

Summer has hardly started and is set to be one of the strangest in modern history with social distancing, slow easing of lockdown measures, and revolution brewing below the surface. Fashion has long taken influence from current affairs. If it hasn’t hit the catwalk yet for 2021, it soon will be. All of these designs stand out from previous years with bold statements dreamed up in isolation.

People remain optimistic that life will have returned to normal for the Winter 20/21 season. That doesn’t mean rush out and buy last season’s clothes and accessories in a social distanced shopping trip. High Street shops did not have much time to prepare for the shutdown of the business. They have a fair amount of stock to shift leftover. This means heavily marking down 2020 fashions. Shutting down a business and then reopening is hard. Trends are spotted ahead of time. But this doesn’t leave time to find a supplier and order before it hits the racks.


Even if it hits the catwalk six months before the High Street and is designed 12 months in advance, fashion changes in a fast-paced world. That bag from winter 19/20 with a layer of discount stickers may seem like a bargain, but it is the same bag everyone else bought or at least looked at. They’ll know.


Online shops have a different business model to the brick and mortar of the High Street. As the world locked down and shutters were pulled over shops, online shops were able to operate as usual. They don’t have any of last season’s stock to shift. Without bricks and mortar and a High Street location, rents are much cheaper, allowing the savings to be passed onto you.

Hush Style offers designer clothing at High Street prices. Be the height of fashion with an updated wardrobe instead of scraping away the discount labels on the High Street bag.

Ditch the comfort clothes of spring 2020 and look put together with the latest fashions. New spring fashion for 2021 is a must. The last time all but the most dedicated shopaholics bought anything beyond a sweatshirt and pajamas for spring was 2019. Two years is a long time in the fashion world, especially now.


The last time the coat was worn was on a cold spring day in 2020. The world’s changed a lot since then. Apart from looking drab, it may not fit anymore. There aren’t many things more awful than an out-dated coat. People notice when they walk past on the street. A stylish overcoat screams confidence.


2021 is a year sure to stand out. A year for people to regain their confidence. It’s true. Confidence comes from within, but it shows on the outside. Erase the slouch in your shoulders ahead of the curve with updated fashion. It sinks in and changes life’s general outlook.

After the uncertainty of 2020, 2021 is the year to make a statement.

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