How To Prep For Your Next Big Vacation

After being stuck at home for a while, nothing sounds better than the idea of going on a big trip somewhere new and exciting. But before you can actually take that trip, you’ve gotta plan and prep – which isn’t always as much fun.

Preparing for a big trip can be a lot of work, but it comes with a big reward – the chance to make some lifelong memories. And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as complicated or daunting as it looks. Here are some things you can do to prep for your next big vacation:

How To Prep For Your Next Big Vacation

Start saving! 

For many people, the biggest hurdle standing between them and their next big vacation is the price tag. Travel isn’t always cheap, and big trips can easily cost thousands of dollars, especially if you are not traveling solo. One step you can take now to prep for your next big vacation? Start saving money for your trip. Between airfare, lodging, food and drinks, and activities, expenses will add up fast.

Figure out where you want to go. 

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is determining where you’ll travel to. For some, a big vacation means a trip to another state. For others, a big trip means crossing an ocean to Asia, Europe, or another far-away continent to explore cities abroad. Some people choose a destination based on price, letting affordability drive their travel plans, while other travelers identify a destination and save up for as long as it takes to get there. Spend some time researching destinations and figure out where you’d like to travel for your next big trip.

How To Prep For Your Next Big Vacation

Look into the logistics. 

Another step you can take to prep for your next big vacation? Consider the logistics. A few things you can start to consider well before you’re ready to travel include:

  • “What identification do I need to bring?” While you probably just need your local ID to visit another city or state in your country, additional identification is required for trips abroad. If you need to apply for a passport, you’ll want to do that well before your big trip, as it can take weeks or months to process. Additionally, visiting some countries requires a visa, which involves an application process and often costs time and money.
  • “What insurance coverage will I need?” You never know what’s going to happen on vacation. While you hope you never have to use it, travelers’ insurance can be a tremendous blessing when caught on vacation in times of crisis – whether that’s a medical emergency, a natural disaster, or another situation. 
  • “How can I get there?” You almost always have options to reach your destination – whether those are different travel methods or simply different companies. When exploring a potential destination, consider whether you’d like to explore your destination on foot, rent a car, rely on public transit, use taxis or Ubers (if available), or something else. 

And when thinking about how you’ll get there, weigh your options. Compare the cost of driving vs. flying if your destination is reachable by land. If not, look into various airlines – and don’t always be fooled by the budget ones. In many cases, added fees and surcharges can push the price of a “budget” flight far beyond that of a regular one.

How To Prep For Your Next Big Vacation

Even if you aren’t quite in a position to travel, there’s always something you can do to get ready for your next big trip. Put your next big trip into motion today by taking one (or all) of these steps to prepare!


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